Saturday, June 29, 2019

Random Notions - Times have Changed

Good news – my custom order was so well received, she gave me fabrics for another six pillowcases! Yay! (If you are reading this, Ms D, thank you!) Very excited – I find I like working on fabrics other people choose – for instance, I would never buy any kind of sports themed fabrics for myself so it’s cool to see the colors and coordinating fabrics someone else has chosen. So far, I’m liking it all! I’m really liking the green – I don’t think I work on enough green.

Funny, because a while back I bought some John Deere fabric - green with tractors on it. I got it for the exclusive purpose of making a kaleidoscope wall hanging out it.  I think it's going to look great.

I got this post finished and published and forgot to mention, I have a new listing in my Etsy shop:

Love this rose fabric - my mother had a yard leftover (years ago) after making a jacket out of it - she still wears it! 

I spent two nights at my daughter’s house so I could babysit the kids on their home turf. Lovely home, perfect company, but – I didn’t have my stuff! No sewing machine. As much as I love the kids, I was happy to be at home today to sew!

Having my grandkids coming out to stay a couple of days/nights a week with us for summer vacation has really been fun. I try to make sure I have things for them to do - puzzles, coloring, painting, diamond painting, word search books, movies, just to name a few, plus they are to bring stuff. I ask if they are bored, and they always say no, but it worries me. It takes me back to at the late 60's when my younger brother, Casey and I had to go to my grandparents' house while my parents were working. 

Let me set the scene for you:

Late 1960’s ~

  • No cable TV – five channels available – NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, and KVVU, which is an independent. And this was before even Sesame Street was available. And - the picture was not always that good.
  • One TV in the house – and Grandmother controlled it. She loved game shows and baseball; he loved news.
  • Available toys – a few pieces left from a Tinker Toy set that was probably from the 50’s, and a couple of plastic blocks from a set you could also build with – the kind with all the pegs that stuck together. I’m sure someone knows what I’m talking about. They were the toys prior to Legos that hurt like crazy when you stepped on them.
  • No books for kids. We didn’t own any to bring with us.
  • No computers, smartphones, tablets, electronics of any kind. But this was okay, because we didn't have the Internet yet.
  • No fridge privileges to snack, but there were no snacks in the fridge anyway – we got lunch, usually a sandwich, and that was pretty much it. Every once in a while, Granddaddy Frank would share his cookies with us. Frosted devil’s food cake cookies – to this day we still call them Granddaddy Frank Cookies.
  • It was hot.

I remember sitting and literally staring into space, wishing I was anywhere but there. The spare room had a bed, but even if I wanted to take a nap, that room always spooked me because stuff was stored in there. With the light on, it was still dark. I tried to not go in there. I wouldn’t go outside because I have never liked hot weather, but Casey went out and even made friends with the neighbor kids. Staring at the TV, I had no idea what I was watching. To this day, I hate baseball. 

So this is why I worry about the kids being bored here. After thinking about what it was like back then, I guess these kids have it made with the computers, smartphones, tablets, DVDs. They have full access to the fridge and cupboards for something to eat. In fact, they get so engrossed in technology, I have to pull them off quite frequently. In addition to not being very good for them, out here in the sticks we have internet that is data limited. If I let them stay on all the time, we’d be out of data before a week was over!

Thing sure are different now, right?

That’s it for now – thanks for stopping by!


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