Monday, January 26, 2015

Random Notions – A step closer to a finished project

My resolution to try to sew every day has been good so far.  I only missed one day, and that was yesterday.  In my defense, it was a very long day where I was in the car practically as soon as I got up early and didn’t stop running until I got home mid-evening and collapsed into bed.  There have been a couple of days where all I had time to do was a short seam, but I did it and it made me feel better, so I think maybe it will be good to do as much as I can everyday.

The blocks of the Scrappy Stars quilt top are together.  Here is a look at the 20 stars I made over the last few weeks –
Yup, that is quite a pile o’ blocks even if it doesn’t look like much!  I was beginning to think I wouldn’t get through all of them.  Then I started making rows of 5, then I put those together and this is where I am at – 
Is it just me, or do those white squares on point just jump out at you?  It’s kind of an optical illusion for me – they look like they are standing up from the rest of the top.  You can’t see it well in that picture, but here is a close up of how the two whites I used are different –
There must be something to this making something scrappy, because my inner control freak is not shrieking out, “It’s just not right!!!”  In fact, I’m perfectly okay with it.  This has been really good for me to do something I am trying to NOT control for a change.

Next up is to make a narrow border of white, maybe one that will finish about 1.5” – 2”, and then a scrappy batik border, much narrower next to that, with another white one that is much wider to finish it up.  I am also going to make a scrappy batik binding for it.  I have only a couple of charms left, but I have a huge tub of batiks collected over the years so I know there will be plenty to finish it off.  I may even make a pieced batik backing for it. 

While working on this, I am already trying to figure out what to do when I get this off to Janet the Longarm Angel. 

Going to leave you with a smile for the day – 
I wondered for quite some time who was destroying what was once a beautiful jade plant in my bathroom.  Max and Dexter!  Finally caught them red-handed –or is it red-pawed?  (For more antics of these guys and their friends, please visit Rules of Standard Cat Behavior.  I had way too many pictures of cats, I had to create another blog!)

Have a great day!  Thanks for stopping by!

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