Monday, June 23, 2014

Random Notions – Another one off the unfinished shelf

A couple of years ago, I made a twin size quilt top for Layla – she helped me pick out the fabrics and I did them up in a disappearing nine patch.  Quite honestly, after it was done, I did not like it at all – a couple of the fabrics were just off for me.  I put it up on a shelf and after noticing it recently, I told Layla that I would make something better for her, as I did not like how it looked, and I would be scrapping it.  She had a fit, telling me she loved it and wanted it.  So I made a back for it out of a purple with white dots, and took it to Janet to be quilted. Got it back Friday and used the same purple for the binding – sewed it on Friday night as I watched Errol Flynn movies on TCM.  You know what?  Maybe it was the two years on the shelf that I didn’t look at it, but now I kind of like it.
Janet had asked Layla what she wanted quilted on it, and together they came up with hearts and flowers –
It looks very cool and Layla loves it.  Harry also loved it, so now Layla has decided to make him one in the same block pattern, and one for her BFF, Sierra.  I spent yesterday and today going through all the kids’ materials I have to cut squares.  For Harry, it is going to be an I Spy quilt, with cartoon characters, fish, and animals.  Layla will be putting together the 9 patches, then I will cut them in quarters, and she will sew pieces into rows, and I will do the long seams to finish the top.  The parts of the 9 patches that will be cut will mostly be solids or fabrics that read as solids.  The colors are going to be really bizarre in this one. 

I have already told Layla she has to finish her Irish Chain before she can start sewing on this one – I am trying to train her to do things right, finish one before starting another.  She only has two final rows of border to piece together, then I can get all the borders on for her and it will be ready for quilting.  It isn’t on her blog yet, but if you are interested, the blog can be found at Fun with LJ, and she has already done some videos on kid friendly recipes.  There are also bloopers, and you will see what a character Harry is. 

In the meantime, I finished the Butterflies & Bamboo top and think it will be lovely hanging on the wall.  I really had to search for just the right blue border, and luckily before I got it on, Mom suggested a brighter and narrower border before it –
This will go to the Janet for quilting after Layla’s Irish Chain and maybe Harry’s I Spy quilt, so it may be on the shelf for a while. 

The applique was so much fun, now I am itching to start on a new project of my own and thinking about more applique.  I have another charm pack that would be nice for that, but I also have a jelly roll in beautiful dark jewel tones I keep looking at and wondering what I can do with.  I am also feeling guilty about other things I had planned on doing first.  Argh!  Decisions, decisions! 

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