Friday, May 9, 2014

Random Notions – Where do bloggers go?

The other day I got an email from a good friend and she asked, “Do you ever wonder what happens to bloggers?”  I do!  I have found so many wonderful blogs that have lots of posts, only to find the most recent post was over two or more years ago.  It makes me feel sad, and I think it kind of makes me keep wanting to come back.  I mean, I know I don’t have a lot of readers who really care what happens to me, but I like to think that someone in the world wonders where I am, just like I wonder about all those other bloggers.  I think I should remember in the future that if I have an issue when I can no longer come back, I need to have a post that says “I won’t be back for a long time, or maybe not at all, but thanks for stopping by.”  Maybe I should write that to be done into my will – provided I ever write a will.

But I'm here - I’m checking in!  I have done quite a few things over the past month or so.  Last time I was here, I had made a purse for Alexis from a Missouri Star Quilt company tutorial.  It was so cute and so easy, I had to make one for myself.  Looked through all my stash piles and found this –
This was 2 yards of a corduroy fabric I have had a really long time and never knew what to do with it.  I thought it would be super cute as a tote bag.  For the lining, my mom had just given me a pile of stuff, and this nylon was in it-
It reminds me of the track suits of the late 80’s, like parachute material. 

So, putting all this together, here is what I got-
I like it – it’s really roomy.  Only thing I should have thought of was a closure.  I may still sew on some hook and loop tape.

Another project started is Layla making a quilt top.  She had chosen 5 fabrics when we went to Rosie’s in San Diego back in January-
I was trying to think of something for her to make, and then I had the idea of a scrappy Irish Chain.  I didn’t tell her what it was going to look like when finished, but had her making strip sets, which I then cut for her, and then she is sewing them into 9-patches.  Here are a few of what we have so far, without the solid white blocks-
Probably needs a few more different fabrics, but I think it will be cute.

So what else?  I got the Decapitated Tropical Birds and African Dreams wall hangings back from Janet the long arm quilter.  Got the bindings and sleeves on them-
For the back, I had to put on more orange. 
I wish I could have gotten a good picture of the quilting Janet did – it looks very feathery.  I was impressed with how straight she got it together.  It was just a happy accident that my sleeve matched up with the strips.

I really love how the African Dreams turned out-
This looks a bit dark – this is more how the color actually looks-
It is really bright and vivid.  The back is nothing fancy-
I love the quilting Janet did for this one.  She copied a part of the design on the material and morphed it a bit.

A couple of days ago I started a new wall hanging.  Awhile back, I got a couple charm packs. I had never used a charm pack before and I thought it was time I tried them.  
Then, while trying to decide what to do with them, I saw another tutorial on YouTube from Missouri Star Quilt Company-
I really liked this and thought it might be interesting to use the batiks for it.  The Dark Batiks set included the following fabrics-
I used the 5” Half-Hexagon template from MSQC to cut them.
And here is what I have so far-
One more row to go.  I will probably turn the middle one upside down in the piece.  I like the charm pack but I have one problem with it – I HAVE to prewash fabric because I am so allergic to the starches and finishes manufacturers use on fabrics.  I had not considered this and the entire time I have been cutting and sewing, I am sneezing and blowing my nose!  When I am ready to use the 2nd one, I will put it into the sink with some detergent and lightly swish it around and rinse, then lay them out to dry.  I don’t see any way I would be able to comfortably use the pre-cuts otherwise.

And that is about it.  It’s good to have been getting some things done so I don’t feel completely worthless. 

I hope all you mothers out there have a wonderful Mother’s Day!  Thanks for stopping by!

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