Monday, February 10, 2014

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Time seems to fly by, doesn’t it?  Last week, I turned 56 - what?!  I don’t feel 56.  I look 56 – maybe even older.  But you know, I feel pretty good.  I am tired all the time and I won’t be running any marathons any time soon, but I do okay.  Drop me off on a cruise and I will walk 10 miles at each port, even though my knees will be cracking and popping the whole way.  I just really need to see what I can do about refurbishing my personal temple - it is in desperate need of fixing up.

I got a chance to go to IKEA in San Diego a couple of weeks ago – another place I can walk about 10 miles.  I love that place and honestly think the IKEA people are crazy for not building one in Las Vegas.  With our transient population, they would do well.  And that way I wouldn’t be limited to buying only the stuff that fits in the car.

Anyway, at IKEA, I found this interesting little item –
I was quite pleased to find that it is a double sided picture frame-
I love picture frames!  I probably have about 100 of them in storage that I haven’t seen for 5 years.  The first thing that came to mind with this one was that I can paint it – there are so many colors in those spray paints made just for plastic!  And they were only 99 cents apiece – I grabbed 4 of them!

I decided that I would use one for pictures of Layla, one for Harry, and one for the girls, and then, what to do with the 4th?  It hit me!  You know all that information that you can never remember that you wind up having to look up and you get really annoyed?  I always had these bits of paper with info all over the place, but they would get misplaced or thrown away.  This is a perfect way to keep important stuff where I could find it!
This is just the start – as I think of more stuff to add, I can just add to the Word doc and replace it in the frame!  And I have 2 sides!  I will have to put something dark between the 2 sides so I don’t have a bleed through effect.

Sometimes, I’m so smart I amaze myself.  LOL

Okay, on the sewing front, I finally got the tropical birds blocks together-
Once that was all together, I was like, wow, that is a lot of green!  So I will be adding another border, probably two, and I have a few options. 

That’s my world – how’s it going in yours?

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