Sunday, January 12, 2014

Random Notions – Containing Stuff

Here it is already the 12th.  I had hoped to get back here before the month got into double digits, but oh well.  For almost two weeks, I haven’t sewn anything, because I haven’t been able to decide what to sew.  My next color study will be green, but I’m just not feeling the green right now.  I wasn’t feeling the paper piecing even though it is something I really want to do. My classes have started again and I thought I would be really busy and I haven’t been – I’m actually disappointed about that.

So I have been attempting to organize some little bits of stuff that are spread across my sewing table.  I have always had a love of containers, but lately I am really loving jars – like mason jars.  When I was in a Goodwill not long ago, I found these-
A few days ago, I found these awesome acrylic containers-
and these cute plastic paint cans-
Today I was in the 99¢ store and found these-
Aren’t they lovely?  I love the colors.  I’m sure I have many more than I need now, but better safe than sorry, right?  I think I have enough to put everything in a place.

Yesterday I made my first trip to Joanne’s in more than a couple of months.  I have been really good about not buying fabric, with the exception of a fat quarter or remnant here or there.  As I walked about, I found my next wall hanging fabric-
This just screamed out to me.  Whenever I see a large print like this now, all I can think of is kaleidoscope or stack ‘n’ whack blocks.  I can’t wait to get it washed up and ironed so I can start cutting into it!  Since making my first kaleidoscope quilt, I find I’m not afraid to cut into beautiful fabric anymore.  This is going to make some awesome blocks.

I hope the month has started out well for you.  Thanks for stopping by!

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