Sunday, December 29, 2013

Random Notions – A Study in Red

Is anyone as happy as me that Christmas is over?  I’m not a complete bah-humbug – I love giving gifts, but if I buy something too far in advance it’s hard for me to hold onto to it until the day – I want to share right away!  (And, I tend to misplace things when hiding them)  Finding just the right gift for someone and giving it immediately – that’s what I like to do.  I prefer giving gifts whenever the mood strikes, often, which is why I suppose I’m not crazy about Christmas.  I have also found over the years that so many of the people that want to decorate don’t want to do the UNdecorating.  I don’t need a tree or other decor to get me in the spirit of giving – there are way many more reasons to give year round.  So I am very happy I can go about my merry way again.

A few weeks ago, I interrupted what I was working on for Christmas to do something in orange-
I decided the complete title of this piece would be A Study in Orange – Having an Orange Life.  I love orange – it’s happy, and that is what life should be.  The more I stared at this piece, the more I decided I have to do one in every color.  So all day yesterday, I worked on A Study in Red.  One objective of these pieces is to use only fabric from what I currently own.  Searching through my reds, I have loads of them, but the ones that are mostly red are dark reds, leaning more towards cranberry and brick red than anything.  All of the others are bright reds with lots of other colors, so it was a challenge to find just reds that would offer a nice contrast.  I considered putting some pinky-pinks in there, but I think I may want to make a pink version in the future, so that wouldn’t work.  Here are the eleven reds I finally decided upon-
The ones on the left look like they are going toward pink, but when they stand alone, they make you think red, so I thought they would work okay.  Then I had to find just the right green for the contrasting strip.  I searched everywhere and even almost used a rayon instead of a cotton, but then I came across a just big enough scrap I thought looked good-
There is a bit of purple in it, but I didn’t think it would be that noticeable.  So I got everything cut into strips, and all ironed and ready to sew, and headed for the machine.  I had a bit of help waiting for me-
(How do they know?)

After chasing Sheme off, I got all the strips together into tubes, ironed, cut, and this was my final result-
It came out to almost the same size as the orange – I’m sure that once I block it out, they will work together just fine.  The colors of the red are almost jewel tone under sunlight.  If you notice where the green leaves off in the red, you can see that I matched it up to the blue in the orange-
I may try to figure out how to muddle the sides together when I am all done, but not sure how to go about that right now.  I rather like them.  Next I will work on A Study in Yellow with a contrast of purple, in what I am now calling The Rainbow Project.  I need a sub-title for the red – any suggestions?

Thanks for stopping by.  If I don’t get back here before Wednesday, I wish everyone a safe, fun, and prosperous New Year!

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