Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Random Notions – Has it really been a year?!?

The other day I got an email that I needed to renew my LauraSewsStuff domain name and I realized that sure enough, it has been a year since I started sharing my life here on blogger.  I had actually started on Wordpress a couple of days before, but I really did not find it to be as user friendly as blogger, so I moved over one year ago today.

When I look back at what I have actually accomplished in the past year, I am amazed – there have been more finished projects in a year than I have probably done in my entire life combined.  I even graduated from college with a Bachelor's Degree last month at age 55!  There is something about sharing your successes and failures that keeps you going – before I had mostly failures I was embarrassed by, but now, I hope that my failures help someone realize that everyone makes mistakes and they can learn how to do something right.  At the same time, I hope my successes inspire others to make or learn how to make something – maybe like a quilt!  Hey, if I can do it, anyone can!

So to celebrate my first anniversary, I have my favorite wall hanging all finished – I had made it prior to starting the blog, and I actually finished off the binding a month or so ago, but I have been washing it to get a nice texture appearance to it – I think I have washed it 6 times now!  I still don’t have it blocked out perfect, but I love it just as it is-
This was the first Quick Quarter Quilt I made, about two years ago.  Janet did the long arm quilting on it about two months ago.  I used the border fabric to bind it.  The really funny thing about this wall hanging, and this is a perfect example of one of my silly boo-boos, is that when I made it, I had intended the side with the four prairie points to be at the top, and when I was binding it, I wasn’t paying much attention!  But it’s okay – I still love it, even hanging upside down, and it is above my bed.  It is hanging from a thin piece of bamboo, which came out of the garden department of a major hardware store.  I may add a couple of pieces of bamboo just for some interest.

The colors of this quilt just sing to me – I absolutely love orange.  I really don’t understand why some people don’t even like it a little bit.  It’s so happy.  In fact, while I working on the binding, I kept looking over at my fabrics and I kept noticing how many oranges I have in there and then I started pulling them out.  I also love the Quick Quarter Quilts, so even though I keep saying I really need to finish all of the tops waiting to be quilted, I just may have to throw together another wall hanging just so to showcase all these beautiful orange fabrics! 

Thanks for helping me complete a great year!


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