Monday, November 4, 2013

Random Notions – The Fishbowl top is finished

I managed to get the entire fishbowl top done yesterday.  I was thinking about a one inch border of blue, but not finding something that talked to me, I just decided to use the background fabric-
I really like it, and because of the fabric I was going to use as the final border, I even mitered the corners, something I hardly ever do.  Then it was time for the final border.  Of course, there was a glitch.  See this incredibly cute fabric-

When I found this in Hancock’s, it was on the clearance table and there wasn’t much of it.  I bought a yard and a half.  I had planned all along to use it on the borders of the fish quilt.  Well, time to put on the borders, and I didn’t have enough.  So, my brain had to shift into creative mode.  I decided to use this on the top and bottom and had to look for something different for the sides.  This is the final product-
Kinda strange, huh?  That blue and green is supposed to be water and has frogs on it-
Seventeen different fabrics later, it’s together.  I don’t think Harry is going to mind the different borders – I think he is just going to focus on the fishbowls.  So now, I can concentrate on something else- like quilting the block of the month quilt that will be for Layla for Christmas.  I cut the backing fabric – solid pink – and I think I will just self-bind it because I think the pink will look cute wrapped around the front.  After that, I will quilt the fishbowls.  Not too confident about my quilting skills, but I think I can do it.  You’ll know for sure soon! 

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