Sunday, September 1, 2013

Random Notions – The end of summer, please?

I am so glad August is over!  It was the worst month I have experienced in a long time.  It couldn’t just be really hot outside.  First, my phone died- the display burned out but the carrier replaced it free of charge.  Then my computer, which was ONLY seven years old, died.  And I mean really died.  The repair shop I took it to could not recover any of my stuff.  I just had them take the hard drive out and toss the rest – they suggested I try sending the drive to one of those specialty labs as they could probably recover it.  (This is on top of the external hard drive I already need to try to recover.)  A specialty lab will only charge about $350.  That’s not going to happen anytime soon.  What is really sad is in addition to all pictures from the last two years, I lost all of my programs – Adobe Creative Suite, Dreamweaver and other stuff I used all the time.  I no longer have the discs that I had gotten, well, about 7 seven years ago. Replacing them is going to take a while.

A couple of days after the computer died, I broke my replaced phone – I somehow cracked the screen.  This time, the carrier would not replace it as breaking the screen voided the warranty.  I went three days without a phone – that was absolute hell. I found myself constantly reaching for it and it wasn’t there.

It’s not like I am an important person who expects a lot of phone calls or emails. Why are we so dependent on technology?  What do I use my phone for?  Well, to be honest, I’m pretty sure I burned out the display myself playing games on it constantly- I frequently can’t sleep at night, so rather than get on the computer, I grabbed the phone.  I am so easily distracted by just about anything.  Yesterday, Saturday, I had plans to get so much done, but the first thing I did was a huge mistake – I moved my stereo receiver into my room out of the old computer/sewing room so I could hook up the iPod to listen to while I did my stuff.  The big mistake was deciding to hook it up to the TV.  I turned on the TV to check that I had it hooked up right, and what do I find- an Indiana Jones marathon on the USA network – and it was just starting.  I thought, heck, I can listen to it while I work. WRONG!  I lost the entire day.

This was one of the reasons I didn’t like MTV from the very start.  I am okay listening to music while I work – I am listening now as I write and got my toes tapping.  Music is an audio thing, not a visual thing, unless of course you are talking about maybe ballet or opera, which I enjoy both.  I knew right from the start that if I started watching music I would never get anything done.  MTV first came on the air around the time my daughter was two.  After witnessing my friends’ kids who just sat and watched MTV all the time, I swore Alexis would not be one of those.  I hid it well from her- as she got older she would ask why we didn’t have that channel other kids watched the videos on – I told her we didn’t have it because we weren’t paying for it.  I don’t think she caught on til she was about 10 or 11.  I like to think that Lex is an avid reader now because she didn’t waste those young years on music videos.

Okay, so what have I been doing?  I had to get another phone and I am NOT playing any games on it except for Words with Friends and Dice with Buddies.  Those take me just a few seconds and then I have to wait for my opponent.  However, I am still playing the other games on the new PC I had to get - I had to get it so I could finish getting my degrees online!  (Good thing for that international online computer retailer that is still willing to give me credit and only expects $20 a month!)  On the games, I play them for the highest amount of credits to a game that I can, so the credits are gone within a matter of a minute of two.  I did manage to pick up Photoshop Elements pretty cheap with a gift card from that same international retailer, which is the only reason I have gotten back here.

I have been moving into the master bedroom of the house since Alexis and family moved out into their own house.  The house has been very quiet in the evenings and on weekends, so you would think I would get a lot done.  Nope.  Haven’t gotten much done at all.  In fact, I am procrastinating right now as I write this – I have homework for my class, but I find this a bit more enjoyable to work on. 

Something I did get done – if you saw my post on August 1, I gave a sneak preview of a quilt I was working on for a gift.  Well, I finished the top-
And, then because I was too broke to buy backing material, I decided to piece the back from the leftovers-
It is with Janet the longarm quilter right now and I hope to have it back soon to finish the edges to have in time for the upcoming birthday.  The person it is for loves blue, so I hope she likes it.

As I was moving my stuff into the bigger room, I came across a remnant of brocade fabric that I absolutely love and I wondered what I could with it.  It has dragons and phoenixes on it-

Not wanting to cut up the brocade into small pieces, on the spur of the moment, I did this-
From hanging a few days, the brocade stretched down a bit.  I don’t like it, even though in the right light, all the fabrics, even the cottons seem to glow, which is kind of neat.  I’m going to have to try something else.  I have enough of the brocade to make another effort.  It will have to wait, though, as I have a new project in mind I hope to start soon and I have August and September to catch up on the block of the month I have been doing.

That’s about it.  I do have one more photo to share.  As I was moving stuff, I heard this terrible racket and something shot past my leg–
I keep the plastic bags from stores and use them to line my wastebaskets.  I just put them all inside one when storing them, and the girls have been tearing them apart, and then I have to put them all together again.  Well, this time, Sheme got stuck in the handle of one that still had many inside it. Not surprising considering how fat she has gotten. She was completely freaked out.  I let her suffer a minute while I took her picture.  Hope that teaches her a lesson.

Here’s to a wonderful Fall – I just know it’s going to be better than summer!


  1. September will herald a great rest of the year!

    1. Thanks, Chrystal! I like the glass half-full side much better than the alternative!


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