Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Random Notions – Sad News, Bees, and a Block

On Sunday, my favorite aunt passed away.  Had she made it to this Friday, the 20th, she would have turned 88 years old.  She was a very special person, a crusty old bird who could hold her own with anyone and anything – she could throw around the F-word as well as any 17 year old boy.  She will be missed.

One of the last times I was here, I mentioned that I had a bee problem on my hummingbird feeders.  It turns out they were dripping and the bees figured out how to drink from it-
This was just a few, but at one point, I saw about 30 bees lined up all around the rim.  That was quite amazing to see.  I hated to take the feeders down, but until I get something they aren’t attracted to or can drink from, I will have to leave them down.  I know people recommend feeders to be taken down in the fall so the hummers will fly south for the winter, but the hummers around here don’t seem to leave because of the cold – maybe because it doesn’t get as cold here.  I have seen them around all winter before, so I will try to find some better feeders to put up soon to help them out.

I played catch up with the Block of the Month class – I was behind August and September, but it was actually one block; the basket for August and the flowers for September-
The block did not originally call for the purple I put at the bottom; instead it had a lot of white space at the top, which I did not like at all.  I thought it would be better if it looked like it was sitting on a table cloth and trimmed the top off.  I am considering putting a bow at the top of the basket, just to give it some more visual interest.

That’s been it.  The two quilts I had taken to the longarmer are still not ready – the blue one has been there for over a month, and the other for 3 months.  I am anxious.

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  1. I'm sorry about your loss. Hugs!

    I think a bow would look good on that basket. That's my two cents :)


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