Thursday, August 1, 2013

Random Notions – Another Blue Quilt

Happy 1st day of August.  As hot as August gets, I am happy it is finally here – that means we only have another 45 days of crazy heat.  AND – school starts soon, which makes me very happy.

When I was last here, I had mentioned that I would be working on another quilt for a gift soon.  The person I am making it for really loves blue and I was considering making another kaleidoscope quilt.  I had to find something blue with a large print and this is what I found-
(Sorry it’s not ironed in this picture)  I just fell in love with this Asian print and got enough to make the stack and whack blocks.  I figured I would need at least three more blues, so I found these-
They all really look nice together.  But the more I looked at the Asian print, the more I wasn’t sure about the kaleidoscope blocks.  I just felt that the balance between the blues and the white weren’t right, so I finally decided to go with the piecing method I have used so many times – that which Eleanor Burns calls the Quick Quarter Quilt.  You can see her video on it here.  So I started stripping and this is a sneak preview of what it looks like-
This picture really isn’t as vibrant as the actual quilt – the colors are really bright together. 

I got almost  2/3 of the top together, and found out I didn’t have enough of the lightest and the medium blue.  Thankfully, I remember where I got them, so I’m sure I can go get a bit more.  Very frustrating though, because I am trying to finish it quickly so I can get it to Janet the longarm quilter so I will have it all done in time for the upcoming birthday.

So that is what I am doing while I am trying to stay cool.  How about you?


  1. I love this fabric. It's so pretty!

    1. Thanks, Chrystal. It's with Janet the longarm quilter now. I can't wait to see it finished!


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