Friday, July 5, 2013

Random Notions – So glad it’s quiet again!

I hope everyone had a safe 4th and enjoyed the fireworks.  Usually, I watch the fireworks over the Las Vegas Strip from my 2nd floor bedroom window that offers a great view, but I kind of didn’t feel like it this year.  Instead, I sat and sewed together my Tumbling Blocks block for my BOM group. 

I live in a circle and across the street lives a man with what seems like a bazillion teenage sons.  I’m sure only a couple are his, but there are always any of them out there, and every 4th of July, they are out there shooting off fireworks, of which I believe many are the not legal type.  While I was sewing, they would set stuff off that just made me jump in my seat.  They scared Lhasa so bad she was hiding and I couldn’t find her, and Sheme sat right next to my sewing machine – every time one went off, she tried to crawl in my lap. 

I have never made Tumbling Blocks before.  There are 7 blocks, which I originally wanted to make each one out of three shades of a different color.  However, upon going through my big bag of batik and hand dyed fabrics, I decided it would take me 4 days to put the colors together.  Instead, I just chose 3 colors for all of them and this is how they came out-
I don’t know why I used the white background – every time I do, I’m sorry.  I had to photograph it against black because you can’t see the white against my cheap design wall.  So here is how I am doing so far on the quilt-
I am so glad that next month is finally the appliquéd basket- I have been really looking forward to working on that.

Now I will go back to the outer space quilt.  I squared up the blocks so they don’t look so crooked anymore-
I’m going to try really hard to not make the next round so crooked.  Maybe I should quit drinking while I quilt – way too much coffee!  LOL

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