Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Random Notions – Corn in pots and other stuff

Things have been crazy the last few days.  Had trouble focusing on anything, but I did get a couple of things a little further along-

I have been waiting to hear back from Janet the longarm quilter that the piece I gave to her last month is finished so I can give her the green kaleidoscope quilt, but I figured in the meantime I would just do the pillow- after all, it’s not that big, right?  And I just planned on stitching in the ditch around the block-
My walking foot has become my new best friend, or maybe I already said that when I put the binding on the blue quilt. (I sometimes think I am losing my mind.)  It actually worked quite well-
I thought it was going to fit an 18” X 18” pillow form I already had, but it was a bit bigger than I thought it would be, so I had to get a 20” X 20”.  The pillow looks very nice on Alexis’ pink chair in her bedroom-
I don’t think Lex actually likes red, so she was surprised that it looked good. 

Then, I have been working on the blocks for Nikko’s Outer Space quilt.  I got two more rounds of logs on them and I’m ready to figure out how to put them together.  I used a hand dyed fabric that reminds me of the pictures you see of the gas clouds in space for the final round-
This is just two of them, and don’t worry, they don’t all have so much pink in them!   They look really cool.  I think I am going to use the teal color for the sashing and border.   I need to hurry up because Nikko’s birthday is the 28th of this month.

Speaking of birthdays, yesterday, the 16th, was Harry’s 3rd birthday.  Adorable kid-
Looking at that angelic face, would you ever believe he can be a holy terror at times?  I took him and Layla to see Monsters University yesterday, which was Harry’s first movie in a theater.  He was pretty good, just getting restless in the last 20 minutes.

Mini monsters review - Monsters University – fun movie, but the soundtrack is not near as good as Monsters Incorporated.  Hey, Randy Newman, wherever you are- epic fail on this one.  I did not come out humming the theme, in fact, I have no recollection of what it even sounded like.

I’ve been out enjoying the hummingbirds more.  I don’t know how, but I got a blurry shot of an in-air fight-
It seems that it is the smaller one that has been chasing off the others.  I have two feeders and I’m trying to figure out where I could put one farther away from the other, so perhaps more birds would be able to feed.  Had a terrible time with ants crawling up the frame they are hanging from, and when I cleaned them, there would be dozens of dead ones inside.  Found something that seems to be working – chalk.  I had always heard that ants will not cross a chalk line.  I found some of the kids’ sidewalk chalk and scribbled all around the hanger like this -
It seems to be working – I haven’t had ants in the feeders since I started doing this.  The weird thing – when I was going out in the morning, the chalk would be gone from one side- it was still there on the other.  I couldn’t figure it out, until I was telling my mom about the mystery this morning, and my brother Casey, who grows corn in pots–
said, “Oh, I’ve been hosing the feeders off when I water the plants- I didn’t know you were putting that there on purpose.”  Okay, mystery solved.  This rather reminds me of the time when we were living in another house that was located on a corner.  On the side of the house, near the sidewalk, I planted 3 Texas sage bushes.  Just when it was time for them to bloom, I went out to water one day, and all 3 plants were gone!  I freaked out – I figured someone in the neighborhood had dug them up and took off with them.  A day or so later, when I mentioned to Casey that they had been stolen, he very sheepishly said he thought they were weeds and pulled them up.  He had tried to revive them when he found out, but it was already too late.  argh.

Anyway, I think that I will pulverize the chalk and try to pounce it on the frame so that it covers more completely.  I’m happy it is working so well, because I hated having to take them down covered with ants.

Gonna go.  Hope you are staying cool!


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