Thursday, June 27, 2013

Random Notions – The Blue Kaleidoscope Quilt is finished!

I’m back!  Remember the blue kaleidoscope quilt I was working on that I said was a special gift, but I couldn’t reveal the details quite yet?  Well, it is finished and has been given to- my mom!  Today is her 81st birthday!

I got the entire top finished and stressed out about getting it all quilted, when I remembered I had the phone number of a long arm quilter here in town.  I called her up and even though she said she was booked solid, when I told her it was for my mom’s 81st birthday, she took pity on me and said she would work it into her busy schedule.  Her name is Janet and I love her – she is a wonderful lady!

When Janet asked me how I wanted it quilted, I didn’t know – I’ve never had anything machine quilted before and didn’t really know about any options.  She suggested an all over design and when she showed me a template for something called “Angels Wings” I knew it would be great, because to me, it looks like butterflies flitting about!  Here is the back side quilted (before binding)–
The addition of that little wave along the edge was a great touch.  The thread on the back matched the blue of the fabric.  On the front, she used a royal blue that popped out on the white-
I love how she did it.  I just used a purchased dark blue for the binding and here it is finished, with the pillow, spread out –
I had added those ends with fussy cut flowers to give it some length, because just the 9 blocks made it too square and more of a lap quilt.

Mom was really surprised when I gave it to her.  She was so happy that it was blue and white – she said for the last few weeks she had been thinking about getting rid of the browns, oranges and reds of the old quilt you can see peeking from underneath – it was just too dark for her room and she had been using it for so many years.

This is the largest quilt I have ever made that is actually finished- what a tremendous feeling that is!  When I picked it up from Janet, I took her another piece – the Ecstasy wall hanging I made almost two years ago.  I have been dying to get that finished because it is my favorite.  When I pick that one up, I will take the first kaleidoscope quilt I made that I promised to Alexis.

Janet is fabulous – and she does not charge an arm and a leg for her work.  If anyone out there is looking for a great longarmer at reasonable prices, please contact me here and I will give you her phone number, I just do not want to post it online.  I believe she does work for out of town quilters, as when I was there last, she had a beautiful quilt on her frame from a quilter in Georgia.

I am just so excited about getting some things finished – it’s quite inspiring!  At Janet’s prices, I actually stand a chance of reducing my “needs quilting” pile of so I can just focus on making new stuff!

So I am off to make an outer space quilt for my friend Linda’s 7 year old grandson.  Like the quilts I made for his two little sisters, I will put fleece on the back and tie it – I found the cutest outer space fleece for the back.  I will have some pictures of it soon.

Thanks for stopping by and have a super day!


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