Saturday, May 25, 2013

Random Notions – Unexpected Gifts

As I sat here contemplating how I am going to put the borders on the blue kaleidoscope quilt, it dawned on me that I forgot to share pictures of a couple of absolutely beautiful gifts I recently received.  My dear friend Rebecca took me to lunch one day and presented me with a lovely little metallic red gift box, about the size a watch would come in.  She said she had seen these items online and knew I would like them.  I opened the box to find-
Gorgeous, huh?   I oohed and awed, but then I looked at her and had to ask what it was.  So she took it apart – 
Is this just the most awesome seam ripper you have ever seen?  The colors are brilliant!  It is so smooth in the hand – I didn’t want to put it down.  But Rebecca says- there’s something else-
This is a gorgeous little glass nail file- it’s about 3 5/8” overall.  It is so beautiful and a perfect size.  Rebecca found these dazzling creations on etsy made by Angela Hickey of Polymer Clay Creations.   This woman is truly an artist - she makes custom items and even sells polymer clay canes if you would like to try this on your own.  Rebecca crochets and got the most beautiful crochet hook with a multi-blue colored handle.  I keep my lovely seam ripper right next to my sewing machine and find I am frequently distracted by it – I just want to hold it!

So, thank you so much Rebecca – you really found the perfect gifts for me!

Off to work on those borders!

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