Thursday, May 23, 2013

Random Notions – Back to work and a giveaway announcement!

It’s been 8 days since I was here last.  In that time, I have pushed and pulled furniture and just about killed myself.  Add on top of that the terrible wind that is kicking my allergies into high gear, and you have a big mess!  I got the second buffet table in the room and put it alongside the first- there is now a 72” x 58” flat space I can work on.  I can move around three sides of it, which is awesome.  Of course, the space around barely accommodates my fat ass, but it works.  Plus, I can store all kinds of stuff under it now, which is wonderful.  And the cord for the embroidery machine reaches the computer much easier.  

First line of business was to finish Brooklyn’s Hearts.  Done!  As soon as it was tied, I washed it, because I have been using a lot of starch lately.  My piecing turns out much better with lots of starch.  Here is the quilt and pillow finished-
I used two layers of batting to make it really puffy and comfy.  It feels really good with the fleece on the back.  Here is the pillow- 
I think they turned out pretty good.  Then I got all excited about something new.
I have been so good the last few months not buying yardage – I was sticking to remnants and fat quarters or cheap thrift shop finds whenever I felt down and needed something new.  But I saw this and just drooled!  It is really gorgeous stuff and it was on sale- my justification for buying it.  As I stared at it, all I could think of was more kaleidoscope blocks!  And this is what I have so far, ready to be sewn together-
It was hard to get a good picture of it, since there is a shelf and my computer desk in the way.  This picture really doesn’t do it justice – the colors are incredible- if you like blue, you would love this!  I love making this kind of block – log cabin blocks used to be my favorite, but now, every fabric I look at, all I can think is- will it make great kaleidoscope blocks?!  The blue sashing and cornerstones and white corners were fabrics I already had in the stash.  This floral print was much larger than the green and brown material I made the previous kaleidoscopes out of, so I got fewer but bigger blocks this time – only 10 out of this as opposed to 13 out of the other.  But I am going to make panels across the top and bottom to make it not so square.  With the extra block, I will make a pillow like I am doing with the green and brown.  And I have special plans for this quilt and pillow which I can’t reveal right now.

Okay – giveaway announcement!  I am hoping to appeal to those who collect sewing and quilting books like me.  When I was going through my library not long ago, I found a couple of duplicates.  Yes, they are used books, but they are in great shape and have some great info in them.  I believe they are all now out of print.  Rather than throw them into a donation bin, I figured I would give someone who might like to have them the chance to win them absolutely free- I am paying the postage!  However, because I am paying the postage and I am unemployed, this will have to be open to US residents only.

The books are-

Fitting Finesse by Nancy Zieman.  Published by Oxmoor House in 1994.  Great reference for making clothes that actually fit your body.   
Make Your Own Great Vests – 90 Way to Jazz Up Your Wardrobe by Carol Parks.  1995 by Sterling Publishing Co.  Beautiful ideas that you could use not only for vests, but any kind of soft art!  Beautiful full color pictures on just about every spread!  This one has a dust jacket that is in good shape, there is just a fold on the inside front, along with a fold on the first page.  
Last but not least –

Appliqué by Better Homes and Garden from 1978.  52 projects – yes it is a bit dated, but there are still some really cute ideas in there for the creative person to update!  Would be great for a beginning quilter that wants to get into appliqué.
How do you win?  Just leave a comment below- it can be anything – like “Pick me, pick me!”  Comments must be left on this post – or I may not see it.  Deadline to enter is Wednesday, May 29, 2013, at 11:59 pm Pacific Time.

Please remember- US residents only (and I feel really bad about that!)  These are some beautiful books to add to your sewing/quilting library!  They will be shipped out media mail to the lucky winner once I have received shipping info.

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