Saturday, April 20, 2013

Random Notions – Sometimes you just have to dig in

Do you ever stop to think about how much time you waste when you could be doing something productive?  I am all too aware of what depression can do to you- all you want to do is sleep or watch TV.  This past week has been exceptionally depressing with the Boston Marathon bombing and the fertilizer factory explosion in Texas- I have been glued all week to CNN thinking what a horrid world for my grandkids to have to grow up in. 

I finally came into the sewing/computer room this morning, after not having been in here for a couple of days and looked around.  Once again, the room was a mess and all kinds of stuff needed to be put away.  I have been sitting or sleeping all week, trying to shake off a funk.  Sitting at the computer and wondering how I was going to get it taken care of, I realized the only way I was going to get out of that funk was to get busy.

My organizational skills are crap.  Or maybe the problem is I just have too much crap.  Either way, I know there has to be a better way to do things.  On top of the shelf where I keep most of my stash, there is a pile of crap.  Well, it is good crap, it’s just a crappy way to pile.  The first thing that caught my eye was the way I had tried to organize ribbon a few years ago.  I had a plastic grocery bag filled with ribbon and I wanted to make it more accessible.  I never used it, because I didn’t know what I had in it, or where it even was, so if I ever needed a piece of ribbon, off to the store I would run.  So I had cut up a cardboard box into 4 inch wide strips and started winding and pinning the ribbon around it like this-
Each one was about 24” long and had a minimum of 25 different ribbons in varying lengths pinned on it, and I had four of these strips.  Looks like a pretty cool idea, huh?  Well, in theory it was.  The problem was I didn’t have anywhere to stand them up, so they were laying down all the time, taking up precious real estate.  And the worst part was- even though I could see what I had, I still wasn’t using ribbon, because it kept getting pushed behind other stuff!  I started unpinning them, being very careful with the pins because I am always afraid of dropping them where Sheme might try to swallow one again, and I put them into a box-
This is one of the photo boxes you can buy at most craft stores, regular price about $3.  I love these boxes and every time they go on sale, most recently at Michaels for only $1.40 apiece, I buy as many as I can afford.  I probably have about a dozen empty ones, but I am constantly finding something to put into them to help with the organization issues.  Not to mention that I have about 20 of them stacked in the closet actually containing photos that I sorted out last summer.  And they are coming in such pretty designs now- the first ones I got a long time ago were all solid colors, usually with a different solid color top.  I really love every time I find a new one with a travel theme.

Okay, so you’re probably thinking what good will that do since you can’t see them again?  Well, I think that since they are all in one place, and the box will be stacked on top of the shelf and clearly marked, maybe I will occasionally think to pull it out to find something.  Fingers crossed on that one- but at least there is some crap taken care of!

Then I had the issue of these falling out of the original bag all over the place-
These are those tiny pony tail holders you can get just about anywhere. I use them on my bobbins to keep the thread from unwinding while they are being stored. You get a lot for little money – I think I got 50 for $2 at a grocery store a while back.  (I saw some sewing site online where they were selling them for a lot more- like $5 for 20 of them!  Trust me- go to Walmart or the grocery store or even the dollar store to get them!)  Luckily, I have a supply of plastic baby food containers from when Layla was little that I could put them into-
And to further my cause, I stuck this little container into the box where I store bobbins-
Another type of box I love – these come in sets of 3 from IKEA, in 2 color combinations.  We don’t have an IKEA in Las Vegas, because apparently the people in charge are not very smart.  Every time I get to go to California I stop at the one in West Covina.  I don’t have many empties of these left and that makes me sad.  They are like the blue shopping bags they sell – big and roomy and excellent to use in place of a laundry basket on laundry day!  In order to be able to go to IKEA I have to save a LOT of money first because it is so easy to spend a LOT of money there.  I haven’t been for a really long time.

In my moving things around, I found that I have 14 empty photo boxes.  Guess I should skip the next couple of sales.  I also looked through a couple of old boxes at some photos – found this one comparing Layla and Harry on the days they were born-
I thought this was such a cool thing to do- you can really tell they are related.  I also found some pictures of my girls from when I first brought them home- I will post those on my Cats page.  Since my external hard drive died and all the digital pictures I have taken since 2004 are on there, I have been trying to find time to locate some prints to scan.  In the batch I looked at, I also found pictures of Tiger and Bailey, 2 beautiful little friends we got at the pound back in 1989- those will also go up on the Cats page soon with their stories. 

Okay, so I got a bit distracted in my picture scanning – typical.  When I took all the empty photo boxes out of the closet and stacked them on the shelf, I realized I had quite a bit of room in the closet to put some other crap.  I have this very under-utilized shelf in the corner behind the computer that I thought I should maximize.
The crap on this shelf has not moved in quite a long time- the cardboard boxes on the top are a couple of Star Trek mugs I got a very long time ago that just seem to follow me everywhere and I found out on ebay that they are not worth even as much as I paid for them all those years ago.  There is also a SpongeBob SquarePants shower radio and a Marvin the Martian alarm clock up there, new in the boxes- I know, I am hopeless- I am afraid the show Hoarders is going to come looking for me soon!  (Did I mention how much crap I have?)  So I put that stuff into the closet and the photo boxes on top of the black shelf, because I know I will use those up eventually.  I was looking at the rest of the shelves, when suddenly I thought-

“Enough of this, I want to sew!”

I know I am feeling much better when I decide that!  So I pushed some things back in place, and got out my kaleidoscope blocks with the additional fabrics and I am going to sew.  Not for long, because I also have some catching up to do on my school work- just enough to feel satisfied after a crappy week! 

Hope I wasn’t too boring for you today!

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