Sunday, April 28, 2013

Random Notions – My 100th Post!

Who would have believed that I could write 100 posts?!  Not me, that’s for sure!  I have never even been able to pull off 100 days on a daily calendar before.  This is a huge accomplishment for me and I will have to think of another giveaway to celebrate!

When I last left you, I had decided that I was going learn how to machine quilt on my home sewing machine.  I did a lot of googling and found a terrific website about it at Day Style Designs, more specifically, the section called The Free Motion Quilting Project.  Lots of awesome information!  I took notes – yes, I really did – and then I sat down to give it a go.  Here are my first two samples-
I thought at first if I had a piece of material with a design on it, it would be easy to try to quilt around the design.  Well, turns out, not really.  So I got the scrap of gray out and sandwiched it to give it another go.  I started with circles in the middle, just to get the hang of moving about.  Then I tried the squiggling about stuff.  I don’t think I was doing too bad, but I realized that a big part of my problem is the machine I was using does not have a very large flat space and I keep falling off the edge, causing me to grip the edges of the sandwich, which is not good-
I immediately thought about putting it into my small sewing table that has a well to put the machine down into, but then I realized, the profile of this machine is really wide on one side and won’t fit into the well.
I had really wanted to use this machine because it has the needle down feature, where my Athena does not, but the Athena has an extension table, and it fits in the sewing table, just with a gap at the back.  So I am trying to figure out what I can do to make this easier.

In the meantime, I was a little bored this afternoon and wanted to make something- anything.  I looked around the room and saw this piece of fabric sitting on top of everything-
Weird, isn’t it?  It was a remnant I picked up somewhere a few months ago.  I have no idea why it appealed to me, because actually, I wouldn’t call it pretty.  But I figured, heck, try to do something with it!  So I found seven other fabrics to put with it-
I love the Quick Quarter Quilts by Eleanor Burns – they are so easy and fast, so I thought that would be fun to make a small wall hanging out of all this – I didn’t want to make anything huge, just wanted to spend time making something fun.  So I cut one 3” strip selvage to selvage of each fabric, cut them in half and sewed one of each together long-wise-
I sewed this into a tube-

And you have to be very careful when you make a tube – you have to lay it out flat and pin it- you can’t just match up edges or it won’t sit flat.  I wound up with two tubes like this.  Then I cut them in strips the other way, and got many strips that looked like this when alternated how I cut them open and sewed them together again-
When I sewed them together, they went together in a horizontal rectangle, but I liked them hanging vertically much better.  I’m trying to decide what to make the border out of – I will probably make a narrow black border and then a wider yellow one, unless I use that funky black and yellow stuff for the wide border- I have enough of it.

I got just what I was trying to get- something small and fun.  It only measures about 20” X 30” right now.  And I got that much done in under two hours – it went very quick!  Tomorrow I will work on the borders.

Please remember to check back for a giveaway announcement soon!

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