Thursday, April 4, 2013

Random Notions – Kaleidoscope Blocks

Well, I managed to injure myself yesterday – I fell down the stairs.  The ironic part is that the stairs were just redone two weeks ago to make them safer.  I was wearing slippers and my left foot slipped right out from under me, I fell straight down and scraped my backside on the stair I was stepping off of, onto my butt, then slid down on my butt for three stairs before stopping.  Within a short time, I had the start of a huge bruise on my backside, the calves of my legs ached from scraping them on the stairs as I went down, and my tailbone is killing me.  My arm hurts because even though I was holding onto the rail, I managed to just wrench it something fierce trying to catch myself.  Getting in and out of the car is murder!  I’m just really glad I went down this way instead of headlong, and I’m glad I didn’t break anything, even if it feels like I did.  I am going though the Tylenol quickly right now and need to get some Motrin.  Looking at the bruise this morning, I found it to be almost black and really big.  Good thing it is in a place where no one can see it or someone would think I was being beaten by my family!  LOL  I am happy to say that even though I hurt everywhere really bad, I was laughing about it as I lay in bed last night – it must have been a real sight to see me go bump, bump, bump down the stairs!  Even though, the only one who saw me was poor Harry and he started crying because it scared him!

I have all but one side of Linda’s tote bag done – I just need to find the plastic stuff I am going to insert at the bottom to keep it flat and give it some stability.  I have it around here somewhere, there are just a lot of piles and containers to look through to find it.

In the meantime, I was looking at that lovely green and brown flowered fabric I won from Springs Creative.  I have always wanted to do something with a kaleidoscope block.  I have had a kaleidoscope ruler for the longest time, but was never sure what material to use for it.  I recently watched a video online about it, and I’m sorry I don’t remember whose video it was, but I found that I needed a large print and I needed to be able to get 8 strips out of it, all the same.  Guess what? The material from Springs Creative gave me just 8 strips!  So I started clipping it in the same place for each repeat of the design and started ripping it! 
After ironing all the strips, I stacked them, using pins to try to line them up together exactly the same.  I gotta say, this is not easy!  I must have spent an hour trying to get them lined up, and get the torn edges trimmed away.  But I finally got them to the point where I could cut them into wedges.  I was so happy that I managed to get 13 stacks of wedges out of it- 12 blocks are perfect for a wall hanging, and I have one to spare in case of one of my screw-ups!
I jumped right in and sewed the first stack together and this is how it came out-
I will just need to figure out what size triangle I need to fill out the corners to make it square.  I have a really nice brown fabric with vines on it that the colors look like they match, so that may be the one.  I really like how it looks and I can’t wait to make the others – it will be fun to see how different they all come out.  However, since I just had a class start Tuesday, I need to get some stuff done for that first before I can continue.  Maybe tomorrow I will have a couple more together to share.

Be Happy!


  1. YEAH!!!!...looking forward to seeing it...I loved the little sneak peak I got...and the colors....fabulous!!!....Happy Birthday Lexis....those looked like placemats Laura, very cute whatever you use them for...:)

    1. Thanks, Linda - I will be seeing you soon! :-)


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