Saturday, March 2, 2013

Random Notions – Working on the Block of the Month

Didn’t really do much yesterday.  Alexis’ Tote Bag wore me out.  Today, I realized that it is now March, so I figured the directions for the March block would be up on the Block of the Month group I am working on.  This month, the block is called Economy Block, which the only thing I can figure is you can use up a bunch of small scraps to make it into just about any size block, making it economical to do.  Pulled out the materials I am working with, and this is what I came up with-

I do like how the colors are working together.  This makes my pile of blocks looking like this so far-

Someone in the group had a great idea to scan in the diagram of how the blocks fit together, and then paste her completed blocks on top of it.  Naturally, I had to do it-

(Hope I have not violated some copyright law by putting this up!)

I like the design of this quilt when I look at the black and white diagram, but I don’t much care for it in its completed form from the class.  It was done in all polka dot materials – I love polka dots, but there is a limit to how many you should use.

I’m excited for next month, it’s going to be the curved fan pieces.

Alexis came in and threatened me by saying she is going to go through all my patterns to find the next purse she wants.  I hate to disappoint her, but I do have a couple of other things I need to get done first, just have to figure which are next.  I know she will understand.  :-)

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