Saturday, March 23, 2013

Random Notions – So Glad it’s Saturday

This was a tough week.  I was dealing with the people who were here to fix the shower in the master bedroom all week, and trying to keep the kids out of the way.  Poor Harry didn’t get a nap most of the week because of the noise.  But it’s finished!  Maybe life can return to normal.  Of course, I guess I should figure out what normal is first.

Mom convinced Casey to take her to some yard sales today and Alexis and Layla went with them.  I went to Walmart today to get some batteries for my mouse- I guess I must have bought really bad AAA batteries last time – guess it serves me right for buying them at the dollar store – it kept dying.  I had parked next to the garden department.  As I was walking to the garden check out, I was passing the shelf on the wall that has all the hummingbird feeders and wild bird food.  I got right up next to all that seed, when something moved and the biggest freaking pigeon went flying out about 4 inches from my nose – I felt the wind of the wings on my face!  It had apparently found an open bag of seed to dine on and I startled it- it has no idea how it startled me!  A woman that had been walking toward me was about three feet away- she was on her cell phone and almost dropped it.  She started laughing and telling the person on the other end she almost crapped her pants.  It was pretty funny.

When I got home, the yard-salers were home and Mom said she got something for me.  She comes out of her room with an armful of books- quilting and needlework books, which I just love!  I was really excited about these-
These are big soft covers that usually retail for $15 - $25, so for just a $1 apiece, it’s awesome!  And then she got these for just 25¢ and 50¢ apiece-
The last package of the Charm Quilt Templates was all there- it was opened but never used. Four acrylic templates that look fresh and inviting!  I love stuff like this- what a great start to the weekend!  I wish I could find this kind of stuff at yard sales, but it just eludes me – if I don’t go, Mom will find it.  Of course, now I have to find room for them in the “library” which may not be easy.

I got to work on the geese today.  After looking at the piece I had put together, I decided I didn’t like it- it looked crooked and it wasn’t what I really wanted.  I took it apart and started over.  This is how the first quarter came out-
It still looks crooked, but once I added the second quarter, I thought it was okay-
Looking through the Jenny Beyer book I got, I saw that this particular layout of the Flying Geese patch is called Dutchman’s Puzzle.  I think I knew that at some time, because it sounds really familiar.  I think it’s perfect, because my geese are really looking puzzled!

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