Monday, March 11, 2013

Random Notions – Please- Rid Yourself of Toxic People & Be Happy

I am sitting here kind of angry right now.  The crabby bitch in me, which I have tried to keep wrapped up for quite some time, is coming out and I need to vent.  I apologize up front that I am doing it here.

Have you ever had one of those friends with the worst negative attitude, that spoils all kinds of things for you because of their petty jealousy, and then when you finally have enough of it, you say something, one simple little thing, and they no longer want to be your friend? 

I put up with a person for about nine years and I want to say – and I hope she has somehow found her way here to see this – I have been way happier in the last three years without her in my life than at any point she was my “friend”. This person spoiled Layla’s first trip to Disneyland for me – simply because it was HER birthday and it had to be all about HER – a 55 year old woman jealous of a 3 year old!  She tried to turn me against my daughter, informing me that I was being taken advantage of.  She made crass remarks about Hispanics when I implied it would be nice if my daughter and her family could rent her available house, knowing full well that my son-in-law is part Hispanic, yet she had no problem asking him for help when she needed it.  What a hypocrite.

For the last couple of years, I actually kind of hoped this person would see what was wrong with her, and maybe turn her life around, but now, nope.  I had enough - I'm done.  

Dear “friend”-   as far as I am concerned, you can sit there, playing with your Barbies and miniatures at age 59 and beyond, listening to your 60’s pop music, and rot into your old age alone.  You can continue to do your makeup and hair in that Barbie fashion of the 50’s and 60’s, trying to look like her.  You always told me of the friends you had previously that you found out weren’t really your friends – now I know that it wasn’t your friends, it was you.  You are still an immature child, unable to accept that your friends moved on to bigger and better things in this game we call life.  I have always felt bad for your mother having to put up with you. 

There is no help for you – it is way too late for you to grow up into a decent, happy adult.  You have no happiness, so you have no desire to see happiness for anyone else.  It sounds like the beginning of a plot for a horror story, which no doubt, you would love to read since you are still in that silly teenage frame of mind where you like to be scared - you have no idea what is really scary to an intelligent adult, because you refuse to accept adult situations.  You seem unable to hold a job very long because you do not like having people telling you what to do- another clear sign of an immature child.  You seem to think an employer should pay you to do only what you want or like to do.

Anyone reading this – if you have a Toxic Person like this in your life, please do not let them drag you down with them.  Leave them in their tiny bubbles- there is absolutely nothing you can do to help them, because they don’t want your help.  Don’t waste your time trying to make them happy, because you never will and they will do nothing but trod on anything that makes you happy.

I apologize for my venting.  I am letting go now.  I hope that I have touched at least one person who has had this problem too – maybe you will be able to rid yourself of it as well now.

Tomorrow, my crabby bitch will be firmly leashed and I will be back with something fun!

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