Thursday, March 14, 2013

Random Notions – I cannot believe my luck!

I am always on the lookout for quilting books – my wish list on is probably 8 pages long.  I really love the catalog type books that show zillions of block patterns.  One book I had been wanting recently came up for only $6.46 plus $3.99 shipping.  The book was The Quilter’s Album of Blocks & Borders by Jenny Beyer, copyright 1980.  The condition was described as: Good- Book shows minor use. Cover and Binding have minimal wear, and the pages have only minimal creases.  I figured for that price it would be okay, nothing spectacular, probably without a dust cover, but I would take it, because every other seller that had it listed at the time wanted $30 or more for it.  Right now, as I look, all the “Brand New” copies listed are softcover reprints listed for $69.99 up to $171.04 – absolutely ridiculous!  Here – look for yourself!  Anyone that knows quilting has heard of Jenny Beyer – she does gorgeous work and she designs fabulous fabrics.  The book came today and I could not believe what great condition it is in for being 33 years old!
There is only one small tear on the cover at the top left – you can barely see it in this picture.  As usual, I start leafing from the back, and was surprised to see someone had left a Polaroid picture of a quilt they had made based on one of the blocks.  This is what one spread of the book looks like:
The book is chock full like this - incredible blocks!  I love this book just from the first few pages I have looked at!  Then I finally turned to the front of the book, turned the cover, and what do I see – 
Signed?  For only $6.46 plus shipping?  I couldn’t believe it!  But wait – there’s more!  I turned to the title page- 
Again?  Really?  Unbelievable!  Now, I’m sure there are probably hundreds of signed copies of this book out there, but I can’t believe I got one - I usually do not have THAT good of luck.  There is next to zero chance that I would ever meet her to get a book signed.

So my day was made right there!  I will sit in bed tonight looking at all the beautiful blocks I would like to make!  To heck with that “Visions of sugar plums” stuff – I am going to have visions of beautiful quilt blocks tonight!

And I should not forget to mention, the last little block of geese is finished- 
Poor little guys seem very insignificant after the book!  Now it’s time to put it all together.  I will do it in quarters and get started tomorrow.

Hope you had as good a day as I did! 

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