Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Random Notions – Fun with the kids

I have been working on Linda’s tote bag in the evenings but I decided rather early on I wouldn’t be blogging about it right away.  In fact, I quit taking pictures after just a bit into it, because I found that working by the seat of my pants (without a pattern) I was ripping out a lot whenever I forgot to do something!  It is close to being finished, but now I have decided that as soon as I have it done, I will be making another one like it, which I will blog in detail about.  It is coming out really nice, and I am glad that I haven’t made any mistakes too big to correct so far!  LOL

A couple of weeks ago, I saw something on Facebook about a local ranch having a special spring break event for kids – only $5 per kid included a pony ride and hay rides.  So today, Layla, Harry, and I went to pick up Layla’s friend, Sierra and her dad, Joe, to go.  It was fun – they said to bring carrots to feed the horses-
This big guy reached over to me at one point and wiped his mouth along my arm- argh, I thought it was just dogs that do that to me!

Then the kids had their pony rides-
We walked about and saw the animals- Harry attempted to pet this goat- he was petting the back end of it, when the goat turned around and gently bumped him in the tummy.  Harry looked at me so shocked!

Mr. Rooster was going around crowing at everyone – guess he was showing us all who was in charge of the place.

There was a sign that these two were abandoned and in need of new owners – they were really sweet. 
I loved this guy – this is what my hair looks like after I wash it!
And this guy was very cute, but he looks like he can’t see.  No idea about that, but he had a great personality!
The kids posed in front of the horse that slobbered on me.
There were a couple of really clever tire swings-
Hard to tell, but this one looked just like a tractor- Sierra had a tough time getting on it!

And stuff everywhere – I swear, we have enough junk we could decorate like this in our back yard!
Finally, the kids went for the hay ride – twice!  Harry sat on one side without the girls the first time around– I was so afraid he would try to get up and move around with them during the ride, but he was really good.
Layla and Sierra are the last two at the left here.

They sat together for the second ride.
On the way out, the kids played in the playground-
We were only there maybe an hour and a half, but for $5 a kid, and free for adults, it was well worth it!

Afterwards, we went to Cici’s Pizza for lunch.  Harry was so tired, he sat very quietly and ate three pieces of pizza plus a piece of the dessert pizza without making any noise.  Never saw him do that before.

When we got home, I noticed there was a bloom on Cosmo’s rose bush-
Cosmo was a Peach-fronted Conure parrot I had for over 27 years.  He passed away a couple of years ago, and I planted a Tropicana rose over where I buried him.  The color of the rose is very fitting, because Cosmo’s head was just about the same color.  I looked for a picture of him to put up, but unfortunately, every picture I have of him is on the external hard drive that died.  I hope I will eventually be able to get all the stuff off of it.

I also realized that today was March 27.  Thirty-something years ago, Alexis was due on this date.  A couple of days before I went to the movies with my brothers, with Kelly at the wheel of the car.  Now, Kelly was not the best driver in the world – in fact, he could be downright scary.  As we left the movie, which was Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, showing at the Parkway Theaters on Maryland Parkway (which no long exist), Kelly thought we should try to hurry Lex out.  He drove through the parking lot of the Boulevard Mall very fast – it was late so the mall was closed and the lot was empty – and he was flying over the speed bumps!  We were in my mom’s little Toyota and I was in the back seat bouncing up and down.  Well, it didn’t do any good- if anything, it made Alexis quite stubborn as she did not decide to grace us with her presence until April 6.  Hard to believe my baby is so old now!

I hope everyone is having a great spring break!


  1. It looks really fun! Doug might take the girls today.

    1. Alexis is off today & it looks like we are going again- maybe we will run into them!

  2. How cute! They look like they are having a blast. Who doesn't love horses? Even slobbering ones? Lol :D

    1. I don't know - I get an awful lot of slobbering from the dogs at home! LOL

  3. looked like the kids had a great time....can't wait to see pic or the bag itself....excited...:)

    1. Hey Linda - I will give you a peak at the fabric in the next post!


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