Sunday, March 3, 2013

Random Notions – Flying Geese

Today I just sat for a long time next to the sewing machine and contemplated what I want to work on next, alternated with several games of Freecell.  I love doing patchwork- yesterday was so nice making the block for my BotM group.  One block I have been really wanting to make a lot of are Flying Geese.  I have no idea what it is about Flying Geese that I really like – you see them a lot in quilts that are rather traditional and home-y looking, and I really like things that are more modern or whimsical or funky- and bright colored.  But something about those geese calls to me.

I have four different sizes of Eleanor Burn’s Flying Geese rulers and with those four rulers, you can make six different size geese – ¾” X 1 ½”, 1” X 2”, 1 ½” X 3”, 2” X 4”, 3” X 6”, and 4” X 8”.  With Eleanor’s way of making Flying Geese, you make four at a time very quickly and easily.  You can see how she does it at the Quilt in a Day website.

There is none of that cutting each little piece individually and then sewing on the bias.  I have played around the rulers and love how the method works so I want to make something with lots of them.  There is a huge bag of scraps sitting at my feet, so I think I am just going to make geese until inspiration for something else hits me.  We’ll see how far I can get.

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