Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Random Notions – Catching up

They say everything goes in seven year cycles – I guess my luck is finally on an upward turn!  I enter a lot of the contests on Facebook and Twitter from companies that have something to do with sewing – fabric, machines, nifty tools, and books – but I never win.  Imagine my surprise yesterday when I saw that I won one from a fabric company- two yards of their fabric- I was very excited!  The contest was by Springs Creative, the company who supplies the precut fabrics to Walmart.  I have bought a lot of their fat quarters in the past and I’m looking forward to this new two yards to arrive!

Today is the first day of my two week vacation from classes.  What a huge sigh of relief I let go of last night as I uploaded my final document!  It was also my last English class and I am so happy about that- it seemed like the last four classes were just the same thing over and over.  The day wasn’t even over, and looking at the four textbooks I had to buy for that class, I had an overwhelming urge to put them up for sale on half.com.  So I did.  Less than an hour later, the first one sold!  Yay!

Another thing I am also very happy about – I was able to sell that expensive cone of thread!  I was so relieved – it had been an impulse buy when I had received a little money as a gift, and when I couldn’t get it to work in my machine, being unemployed, I suffered buyer’s remorse horribly.  I was so happy to sell it I included one of the change purses I made as a thank you to the buyer- won't she be surprised!  A big thank you to that lady in Washington!  (She probably won’t see this, but at least I’ve put my gratitude out in the universe!)

Okay, but what about the flying geese, right?  I got some newspaper print and cut a piece the size I wanted the four pieces in the upper left hand corner to work out to when put together.  At first I was really confusing myself as I was drawing it out, trying to remember to include the seam allowances, but I think I have finally gotten the hang of putting together odd sized blocks.  I have half of that quarter done – not a lot, but tomorrow I will finish it.

Going to bed early again tonight- without the stress of school, I hope to sleep better for the next few days- I really need it!

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