Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Random Notions - Back to the Good Stuff!

Again, I would like to apologize for my rant yesterday.  My crabby bitch has been locked away, hopefully not to rear her ugly head for a long time to come!  But you know- I feel so much better.  I never felt I had gotten closure with that friendship, but now I do.  I guess I had always viewed that person as a project- maybe I could help her, but as I have learned way too many times now, you can’t help someone who doesn’t want help.  From now on, if I meet someone like that, I will run for the hills!

Because I was stewing over the weekend over that situation, I didn’t get much fun stuff done.  I couldn’t take my mind off it, but once I did something about it, my creativity started flowing again!  I actually wrote a paper for my class last night very quickly and even though I didn’t think it was too great, I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find I lost less than one point on it.  Just one more week and I will be free from classes for two weeks – very exciting!  I’m sure my dear friend and college buddy, Chrystal, is also looking forward to that!

So what have I been doing today?  I’ve made more geese – I almost have enough for the layout I am thinking of – maybe tomorrow I will have a picture of that.  In the meantime, I do have two pictures to share-

This is a picture of the marking pen I have been using – I had been using it for quite some time when I finally read the side of the pen-

I am guessing that this means not only your mouth, but those of your significant other, kids or friends as well since it says “a mouth.”

And then, I have wanted to share more of the artwork by my grandmother, Laura Dodd, since I posted the story about her winning a contest for designing the fabric for curtains in a local hospital – if you missed it, you can see that here.  This is a piece that hung in my grandparents’ home for as long as I could remember.  I always told her that I really wanted it, and when she passed away, there were instructions to give it to me-

(It’s not really a good picture, but to get a good one, I would have to take it down
and find someplace where there wouldn’t be reflections on it – not too easy in this house.)

My entire life, I have always loved to be around water, especially moving water, but I am not crazy about getting into it – maybe I drowned in a previous life or something!  I suppose this is why this was always my favorite of what she had hanging on her wall.  She told me once that it was also her favorite. Perhaps it was this piece of art that inspired my love of cruising!

For some reason, I always had it in my mind that this was a watercolor, but when it was taken down from her wall, I found out it was a charcoal/pastel piece.  We also found out when we took artwork off the walls that she had won several ribbons – mostly blue – from contests she entered in the early 50’s.  She was one of the three original founding members of the Las Vegas Art League, but she was so temperamental, she didn’t stay with them long.  She also made her own frames – including cutting the wood!  How I wish that I had inherited her talents! 

My late older brother Kelly and I had wanted to try to get photographs of as much of our grandmother's works as possible, but it is spread out with many people.  Maybe someday I will get a chance to do that.  If any of my family members are reading this and willing to let me come take pictures, please let me know!

Okay – off to make a few more geese!  Cheers!


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    1. Well, I HOPE you have two weeks off too! LOL

  2. I love the painting by the way. I am also in love with all things aquatic. Aquarians!!

    1. Chrystal, someday I will get a much better picture to show you - the colors are really subtle, but have a lot of depth.


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