Sunday, March 31, 2013

Random Notions – April Block

I hope you are having a super Easter day.  We certainly have nice weather for it – the kids had some friends over and they had an egg hunt.  I was amazed that they found all the eggs – I figured the dogs would be bringing in a few over the next few weeks.

So I got my April block finished for the BOM.  I am really loving the way these batik fabrics are going together.  This month is a fan block, which four of them were put together to create a big circle.  I decided I needed a rainbow effect-
Now that it’s together, I can see where I should have switched some colors around.  Oh well, live and learn!  So with this block, here is what I have so far-
For May, we are doing what’s called “Strippy Spools”, which I think go into the places where there are X’s across the squares.  The purpose of that block is to demonstrate making 45 degree triangles.  I am really looking forward to the basket of flowers for the appliqué but I don’t think that is until around October.  I don’t know, I may be too impatient for a “blank” of the month anything!  LOL

Got some more of Linda’s bag done – I’m getting there.

Hope you have had a great Easter!

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