Monday, February 4, 2013

Random Notions - Trying to get back into the swing of things

Well, I have been gone over two weeks because I have been sick.  I went to the doctor after 10 days and found I had bronchitis and pink eye – did you know you can get pink eye from an allergic reaction?  I had taken some over the counter medicine to try to clear up my cough, and it gave me a rash – my chest was covered with ugly itchy blisters, and then my eyes started itching.  I scratched at them so much I gave myself conjunctivitis.  My eyes were swollen for days.  Not fun.  The doctor gave me eye drops which cleared them up, and amoxicillin for the bronchitis, but the cough is still not going away.  It keeps me awake a lot, so I’m just exhausted.  My throat is really raspy – it doesn’t hurt, but I’m tired of sounding like Harvey Fierstein.

Being sick has really put me down in the dumps.  I didn’t want to do anything but try to sleep most of the time.  I rarely came into the computer/sewing room, usually only enough to try to keep up with my school work.  I hate this class and being sick has not helped a bit.  I am so glad there is only one more week of it left.  I have a paper due this evening, which I haven’t started and I’m tempted to not write it at all.  In my mood, I will do very poorly, as I did when I first got sick, getting a 13 out of 20 possible points on the last paper.  I suppose a 13 is better than nothing, I’m just feeling very impatient with this instructor.

The way I am feeling, I have decided to scrap the top project I was going to do for Layla for the time being – she couldn’t wear it until summer anyway.  I need to just get into some simple sewing again to get myself out of my funk and quilting is always a good, easy thing to do.  Also, since I hadn’t covered up the materials I was going to use before I got sick, when I came in to look things over, I found that my cats had been sleeping on them, so now I have to clean everything again, which is not going to be easy since it is cut.  I love those girls dearly, but sometimes they really bug me!

The online block of the month group I joined has the February block instructions up – it is called Spring Blooms and sounds just like the thing to lift my spirits.  They have a center square, surrounded by strip sets out of 5 fabrics.  Looking over all the batiks and hand dyed fabrics I have, I found a combination I really like, but one of the pieces is just a small 10” square, so I am hoping I will have enough for three 8 ½” blocks.  I only need 12 pieces of that fabric 1 ½” by 3 ½”, so I think it will be okay.

As I have been sitting here being mad at the girls, Lhasa crawled into my lap and is purring as loud as a freight train and being so sweet – she knows I can’t be mad at her when she does that.  I guess that’s why I love cats – they are so smart they know how to be manipulative.

Okay, I am going to try to put these three blocks together, even though Harry is going down for a nap and I just want to sleep.  We’ll see what wins out – maybe I will have pictures to show tomorrow.  I hope so – I hate feeling like this.

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