Friday, February 22, 2013

Random Notions – A Little Box of Joy

So this evening, my brother Casey yells up the stairs to me, saying I got a little package that looked like a little old grandmother wrapped had it - twine wrapped – who uses twine these days?  It's the cutest thing!

Even before I looked at it, I knew who it was from – my dear friend and college buddy, Chrystal in Oregon!  Chrystal has a great blog called The Hobby Horse - recipes, knitting stuff, book reviews, and more.  She just posted a recipe for Irish Lemon Pie the other day, which sounds AWESOME!!  I have to try it!   Plus, she loves cats and has a few, so that makes her A-OK in my book!

I didn’t want to cut the twine, so I spent a few minutes untying it. I know why Chrystal knits and crochets – she’s really good with stringy stuff!  I got the paper off, to find a Celestial Seasonings Green Tea box, and then, lots of goodies inside that!

First off, a lovely purple headband for me!  I love it!  Years ago, I would never wear stuff in my hair, not even wear a pony tail.  But as my hair has been getting longer, I am pulling it back and this is perfect!

(My hair may look blonde in this picture, but it is actually gray - kinda funny how it has a yellowish cast.)

Second – for my Layla, Chrystal made her a lovely piece that can be worn as a bracelet or a headband – I LOVE the button!

Layla loves it – and I haven’t even told her yet that she can wear it in her hair too!  She is such a girly girl, she loves hair stuff!

And lastly, for my other girls – Lhasa and Sheme - Chrystal made these-

Little crocheted mice stuffed with catnip that Chrystal grows herself!  The cats went berserk for them!  Lhasa attacked one immediately-

Whereas Sheme just sat very still and seemed to be sniffing it like she was enjoying getting high.  But when I set it away from her a ways, she attacked-

One of the four has already been pushed under a table I will have to move out so as to retrieve it.  I think both girls went in for a few munchies right after they were playing.   And now, they look totally exhausted and seem to be ready to go to bed.

So thank you, dear Chrystal – I don’t get many little boxes of joy in the mail, so you definitely made the day for all of us!  I hope anyone reading this will visit The Hobby Horse and see what a fun person you are!

More tomorrow on the Alexis Tote Bag and the Giveaway!  Please come back and see me!


  1. Aw you guys are so adorable! I'm glad everyone liked their little treats :)



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