Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Project – Alexis’ Tote Bag

Last night, I went to Alexis with an armload of patterns so she could find something like what she wanted in a tote bag.  She jumps up and says “Let me show you something,” and goes to her closet.  Out comes a pewter-y plastic tote bag covered in dust.  “This is the perfect size,” she tells me, “I don’t want it bigger or smaller, this is perfect.”  So why isn’t she using it?  One of the straps was about to break off.  (One of many reasons I am not crazy about plastic purses.) 

This morning, after dusting it off, I stuffed it with fabric scraps so I could see exactly how big it was – it was all squashed and folded, apparently from being wedged into the closet –

(This came out much darker than the purse actually is – I didn’t use the flash because I didn’t want a big glare on it.  I will NOT be making those big hearts on the front.)

It measures 10” high and 10” wide, and the sides are 5 ½”.  It has a silky type lining, with a zippered pocket with pull inside and a magnetic snap closure.  I thought this was weird – here the purse is silver, but the metal zipper, zipper pull and magnetic snap are all gold.  I guess that is high fashion or something.  I think it is just ugly, but then, I am not into that metallic look.

So I am thinking this is not going to be too hard to recreate on my own without a pattern.  I think I can add an open pocket inside, in addition to a zippered one, and maybe a pocket on the outside, for her cell phone.  It would have been helpful had she given me some ideas about options, and if she had chosen a fabric from one of the piles or shelves.  Until she does all that, I believe I will just start drafting out how the pieces need to be cut, and maybe try a sample out of muslin.  I know from some of the blogs I read that many people, especially those making clothes, make muslin samples first and I can see where that is a really good idea before you cut into some really nice fabric.  Maybe that has been my problem all these years!

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  1. Oh I hate those hearts! And the gold! I almost didn't buy the bag because of those things. But I LOVE the silky inside and the size is awesome and I also like the sparkly of it. But the size is perfect for what I need.


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