Wednesday, February 27, 2013

And the winner of my 2nd giveaway is.....

Well, from only two entries, Chrystal and Rebecca – the winner is Rebecca!  (Please keep trying, Chrystal!)  Congrats, Rebecca- I will have this package right out to you and hope you enjoy it!

On to Alexis’ Tote Bag- I was trying to measure the top of the outside to see how much I needed to trim off and where the lining would start.  I then figured this would be a good time to add the magnetic snap.  Had a little bit of a hardware malfunction.  I thought I was being so good with the measurements, but I wound up putting one side of the snap too low.  I had to take it out, put in more interfacing, get it in the right place, and find the Fray Check.  What would I do without the stuff?  After a lot of sweat, it came out okay, I just hope the Fray Check is going to do its usual good job and dry clear.

(Taken at an angle – it really does match up pretty good.)

I did some measuring inside to see just how long the front to back lining would be and came up with 22 ¼”.  The sides came in at 8 3/8” exactly on both the front and back, along with the 5 ½” on the bottom.  This gave me the size to cut for the sides at 6 ½” X 9” – I figure I would just trim the sides after the lining was together.  It all came together pretty darn good with very little trimming required- here it is with the zipper side out, stuffed with fabric.  Doesn’t look square, but it’s actually okay.

Before I can sew the lining in and add it to the FINISHED! page, I have to sew the straps on to the outside.  It’s getting late and I haven’t slept well the last two nights, so I think I am going to call it an early night.  (isn’t it funny how moving the bed so the head is in a different direction is hard to adjust to? or is it just me?)  Plus, I have to consult with Her Majesty to find out how long she wants the straps to be.

Good night all – again, congratulations, Rebecca!


  1. Uh yeah! I was just thinking "WAIT! I haven't given you the measurements for how long the straps should be!!!"

    Remember, this is an OPPORTUNITY to BETTER your abilities. I only give you awesome challenges like this so you can practice. :)

    Hope you sleep well tonight!

  2. Wha Hoooo !!!! Now I have to think about what kind of fabric I want for that purse!


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