Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Random Notions – Traffic Cone Pants

Good news – I am all caught up on Once Upon a Time.  I thought it would take forever get through all those episodes, but I couldn't stop at just one or two at a time- what a great show!

Yesterday, I watched Ellen March, host of Sew It All on PBS, on the Marie Osmond show on the Hallmark Channel.  I enjoy Sew It All and record it every week because here it is on at 7am on Saturday – there is no way I am getting up to watch it on my day to sleep in!  Ellen was there showing how to make pajama pants, and I have mentioned in the past how I really want to make some warm pajama pants – I am always cold.  She was using fleece, and that made me remember the day I was in Walmart and I turned the corner of an aisle and this stared me in the face-

Orange – oh, how I love orange!  Next to purple, it is the best color out there!  I bought three yards of this, without a clue as to what I would do with it!  How perfect is this for pajama pants?  I don’t care if I look like a huge traffic cone stumbling down the stairs in the morning – no one but my family would see me, and they usually know to get out of my way when I first wake up anyway!

So I threw the fleece into the washer and set about trying to make some space to cut it.  The table I normally cut on is small- 32” x 23” – it was originally a craft table for kids.  My 3’ x 2’ cutting mat hangs over the edge and I always have to be careful when I’m using the rotary cutter because it can fall off.  So brilliant me just figured out that I can move a sewing machine off of the buffet table I got not too long ago, put it on the craft table, and move the cutting mat over there, and I can cut anything big or little without too much trouble!  First, I had to move a few things out of my way, though –

Geez, give them an inch and they will take up more room than my 6 year old granddaughter, and in the middle, of course!  I have to constantly push them out of the middle of the bed at night!

I did use a pattern for these pants – a Learn to Sew, Simplicity 2290.  This pattern has only one piece – there are no outer side seams, just inseams and the front to back seam.  I used the largest size because I wanted something very roomy and comfortable.  It was a golden opportunity to use the serger for the first time since I had it serviced.  Here is how the inseams look-

There isn’t really much to show about the construction of these pants. First I sewed the inseam of each leg, turned one right side out and inserted it into the other, then sewed the front to back seam.  For the waistband, I went around it with the serger, then just folded it over 1 ½” once and zig-zagged it with the regular sewing machine, leaving an opening to insert the elastic.  (Aesthetics were not a priority – I just wanted something big and comfy.)  1” woven elastic in, sewed the opening shut and that was pretty much it.  I didn’t even hem the bottoms – it’s not going to fray, so I’m okay with it!  And this is how they turned out –

They don't look like much, but big and baggy, they are just like the best pajama pants I have ever bought in any store!  All in about 45 minutes – I had to keep stopping to check on what Harry was doing.

I am so impressed with my traffic cone pants, I may have to make more.  Fun and functional!


  1. nice...I love wearing those at night...<3

    1. I wore them to bed last night and they were wonderful - I was so warm!

  2. Wow. I need me some of these. Nice job Laura!


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