Monday, January 7, 2013

Random Notions – Sewing Machine Cover #2 Done!

One more day to enter my first giveaway – click HERE to enter if you haven’t already!  Not many entrants so far, so the odds are looking pretty good to win that beautiful piece of Valentine’s Day fabric and heart-shaped felt buttons!  Just leave a comment on that post by 9 pm Pacific time tomorrow!

Today was not that great of a day, and even though I did not feel like sewing <gasp!>, I forced myself. 

Following the pattern I found at Clothesline Chronicles, I measured the serger and was going to cut a piece of each fabric at 23” x 30”.  But then I remembered that because the cat fabric has a direction, I would have to cut that one in two pieces, 23” x 15 ½” each, to sew together so it goes the right direction on the front and back.  It came out pretty cute – here is Sheme modeling next to it:

One more cover to go.  My next English class is starting tomorrow and it looks like it’s going to be a lot of work, so I have my fingers crossed that I get a chance to sew for the next five weeks.  Fingers crossed tomorrow is better than today!


  1. What a lovely serger cover model you have there. I have one crocheted mouse for the lovely lady, and am working on the second right now :)


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