Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Random Notions - Sewing Machine Cover #1

All my kids came home yesterday afternoon - I swear, after just 4 days, Layla and Harry each grew 2 inches!  I missed them so much!  However, I don’t think sewing and blogging are ever again going to be quite as peaceful as they were the past few days...  J

I thought I could make a sewing machine cover all on my own.  Then I sat here, thinking, how on earth am I going to make the corners on the top?  I needed help.  Going to AllFreeSewing, I found a tutorial at Clothesline Chronicles- great blog!   She used boxed corners, which did not occur to me at all!  Following that tutorial, this is what I got:

I think it came out pretty cute.  I need 2 more, for the serger and the embroidery machines.  Those will probably have to wait for the weekend.

For the longest time I have wanted to get into a Block of the Month group and I have never caught them when they are first starting – I’m usually finding them way after they have started. Today I got an email from Craftsy that a new group was starting taught by Laura Nownes.  It’s a free group, so I joined up.  First block is an Offset Log Cabin.  I think I will do all the blocks with batik fat quarters.  I may try to pull something together tonight.

Well, I have had a really busy day - sometimes I am such a stupid moron.  I have a Pinterest account that I tried to change around to reflect my LauraSewsStuff info.  I wound up losing all my boards!  I submitted a request to their support department, but I am completely devastated!

Please don’t forget to tune in on Saturday when my first giveaway is announced!  Keep in mind, I am an unemployed bum, so it won’t be a huge gift, but it will be something fun and free to the winner!


  1. Hey Laura if you could get ahold of me I may need your help....and I have an idea for your have my number...:) Happy New Year

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Linda! I am definitely going to look into it!


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