Sunday, January 6, 2013

Random Notions – Prepared for Cover #2

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I don’t know how I did it, but I got back all my boards on Pinterest!  I was so upset – and of course, Pinterest Support was worthless!  I am so relieved – I wasn’t up to starting all over.

Layla woke me up pretty early this morning – she came in, and without so much as saying good morning, she threw this on my bed and said I need to put a picture of it on my blog-

This is a doll quilt I made for her almost 4 years ago.  Since that time, she has dragged it all over the place and now Harry fights her for it- I don’t quite understand what is so appealing about it.  Years ago – I think 2001 – I had cut out a massive amount of 1 ½” squares, (by hand, no rotary cutter!) thinking I was going to make a mosaic quilt out of them.  I think I just needed something to do at my incredibly boring receptionist job at the time.  When Layla really got into pushing around a doll carriage, I decided I could make a doll quilt.  It is 20” square and the perfect size.  I just put fleece on the back, with no batting.  After I put all those tiny pieces together, I knew I would never use the rest and tossed them.  Live and learn, right?  J

Okay, so last night while watching TV, I tried the finger knitting.  Here is what I made:

Seven feet long- I kind of lost track while watching the tube.  Of course, the choice of yarn was probably not a good one for someone that can’t knit – it’s very slippery, so I dropped stitches and had trouble picking them back up, but it sure is pretty!  I chose it because it is a nylon-y type thing, because other yarns make my hands itch, which is why I don’t knit.  Now I’m not sure what to do with it – Layla saw it and got excited- “You made a feather boa!” and asked if she could have it.  I think I am going to fold it in half and stitch it together to make it wider.  If I did a couple more of them and put them all together, I could put it on a pillow or something like that.  Or maybe I could just attach it to material in a curly way and use it to make a pillow cover.  I keep telling myself the possibilities are endless. <scratching head>  I will probably have to get one of those looms like Rebecca suggested on yesterday’s post.

Today I wanted to make the cover for my serger.  The choice of fabric was really easy for this one.  Anyone that knows me or has been following me here knows I love cats.  A couple of months ago, I found the cutest Robert Kaufman fabric called Whiskers & Tails:

I can totally relate to this fabric because my two girls are constantly into everything in my sewing space.  I have to make sure I always cover or put away threads, needles and pins – a few years ago, Sheme swallowed a hand sewing needle that had the thread attached.  That was a $350 vet visit!  Since that time, I have been very careful – I can’t afford another vet bill like that!

I’m not using interfacing this time; the lining fabric I will be using, a solid very close in color to the background of the cat fabric, is heavier than a regular quilting cotton.  I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I think it will make the cover stand up just fine.

And now, it all has to sit and wait until tomorrow, when Harry is taking his nap.  I spent way too much time on the computer and my phone today.  Bad Laura!

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