Monday, January 14, 2013

Random Notions - Pink Chiffon Top for Layla Project

Well, I am still searching for a lining for the chiffon.  Then I got to thinking, I really need to read up on a few things about sewing on chiffon since I have never really used it seriously before and I don’t want to screw it up and get frustrated and wind up quitting.  A Google search found a couple of really interesting pages of tips.  At they had some tips from SewNews Magazine.  Then, looking further, I found a blog called Cation Designs that featured a guest post from Andrea of foursquarewalls with the most fabulous tips for chiffon, one of which being to starch and iron the chiffon before sewing it- GENIUS!!   That makes it sound like it would make it a ton easier to work with!

I also found out the stitch length and needle I need to use, which made me sit down with the machine and practice some stitches to figure out the right setting, and then I searched through all my needles only to find out, I don’t have what I need, a sharp size 70/10. 

Another incredible tip from Andrea is to put a small piece of tape over the hole on the sewing plate of the machine – the needle goes right through, but leaves only a small hole to prevent the fabric being sucked down into the machine – again- GENIUS!  I need to do that with any fabric I am sewing because I always seem to have that problem!

So, since I cannot afford to buy the needles I need until Friday, I will have to find something else to work on in the meantime.  Unfortunately, I will have to look for something tomorrow since tonight I have to write an 1,100 word essay by 11 tonight and I haven’t even started. <big sigh>

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