Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Random Notions – A New Year, A New Beginning

Ah, a new year with the promise of good things ahead.  We all have a chance to do things differently than in the previous year with the hope that all our decisions are the right ones this time around. 

I didn’t join the New Year until about 10am.  The bed was so warm and snuggly and the cats didn’t want me to get up.  When I finally did get up, both just stared at me and pouted.  This meant my first day of the New Year started out pretty much the same as usual- I came in to sit at the computer and this is what greeted me:

My “bookends” were annoyed with me – if they had their way, I would spend all my time sleeping, like they usually do.  If they could, they would sleep on top of the sewing machine!  As many before me have found, there is no talking logic to a cat.  I decided to forge on and work on a new project!

Since all the change purses are made (for the time being) I want a couple of sewing machine covers.  Searching through my stash for something sewing machine appropriate, I found a bunch of fat quarters I had not washed yet – I can’t work on material that hasn’t been washed because I am highly allergic to the fillers and starch used on new material.  I got a bit sidetracked as I quickly tried to overcast the raw edges so I could throw them in the washer.  In the middle of this, I got an invitation to go to lunch, which of course, for a person whose motto is “Never turn down a free meal,” meant I had to stop what I was doing.

We had a lovely lunch at a local Mexican place, and then had to make a quick stop at Wally World for groceries.  Of course, I had to look at the fabrics, and on the very first day of the year, I spoiled any chance of attaining one of the very goals I posted here just yesterday – I bought some fabric.  But look at it-

I mean, really, what sewing enthusiast in her or his right mind could resist that- how perfect is it for a sewing machine cover?!  I only bought one yard, so I didn’t go overboard when I really wanted to.  Thankfully I hadn’t gotten those other materials in the washer yet, so this went in too!

I will use fusible fleece to give it some body.  My first thought had been to use a cute material on the inside too so it would be reversible, but this is so cute, it doesn’t need to be.  The yellow material I used on the inside of the Hippie Bag is perfect for the inside.  I also have a bunch of really cute buttons so I can add a few for embellishment.

There was also the issue of a pattern.  I have a couple of commercial patterns for sewing room accessories, but I think that just measuring the sewing machine and going from there will work fine.  I will make the lining first so I get the right measurements for the print. 

Doing the prep work tonight so tomorrow I sew!  Will announce my first giveaway on Saturday, January 5!

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