Friday, January 18, 2013

Random Notions – did you miss me? LOL

Wow, yesterday was my first missed day since I started this blog.  I feel terrible that I may have deprived someone of my incessant babbling! 

Today I got the fine machine needles I needed at Jo-Ann’s.  Tomorrow I am going to start ironing my chiffon with starch – I think I will try the idea of completely immersing it into starch and then ironing it while it is still wet.  Then I will make this top for Layla.  I am also going to start Layla on cutting some squares of scraps and sewing them together, so she can get the hang of it.  She is pretty excited – I told her no matter what, we will figure out how to make a little quilt of what she sews together.

I’ve been working on so many sewing projects that are not quilting, and quilting is truly my first love, so I think that after this top is made, I will work on a couple of my UFO quilt tops.  And then I want to do some paper piecing, because I have never done it before.  Saw a tweet on this great tutorial for paper piecing at Pieced Brain- you should it check out!

Going to bed early so I can get an early start! 

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