Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Butterfly Bag for Layla - Almost Done

Today was another crazy day, and it is 9 pm, but I really want to get some work done on the Butterfly Bag! 

I spent the day taking care of my car – had to get new tires and an oil change.  I have got to quit going to the dealership for oil changes – they look at everything and bring a list of what you need to have done.  My car is almost 10 years old, so you can imagine the list they brought me – it came to over $3000!  That is a down payment on a new vehicle!  I told the guy I was unemployed and he backed off, but he still tried to make me feel guilty!

Then, I went with my daughter’s family for some fun- we went to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory to see the cactus garden decorated in Christmas lights.  They have been doing this for years, but I have never gone.  Of course, I will probably never go again – the crowd was crazy, hard to find a parking space, and it was cold- I don’t own a decent winter jacket!  I tried to get pictures, these came out the best-

And then, because I was so cold and could not stand still, I got some real “artistic” shots-

That white upside down V in the last one is actually a plane going overhead, landing at McCarran.

Okay, so enough of my day- time to sew! When I last left off, I had only the body of the bag together.  (Recap photo)

It is now ready for the casings.  I was a bit nervous about the front casing – it has two buttonholes for the strap to come through.  I think I have mentioned before that buttonholes are scary for me.

Okay, so I cut the piece, put interfacing where the buttonholes were to go, and then hemmed the bottom and sides.

And then I made the buttonholes – this took a while-

They actually came out pretty straight.  They look a bit dark and gloppy on the ends because I put some Fray Check on them to give them some extra strength.  I just can’t believe they were fairly consistent - I am so happy they only go on one side!

At this point, I need to stop.  I can feel the tension in my shoulders from the stress of the buttonholes.  Okay, so I am a sewing wimp.  That’s why I am here, to hopefully inspire some of you other sewing wimps.

I swear, tomorrow, it will be finished.

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