Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Alexis Bag

Last night, I found out for sure that my daughter is reading this blog.  She came in to tell me that she had gone to bed to do a little reading on the iPad before going to sleep, and what does she find- her mother yelling at her about choosing a pattern and fabric for a bag.  Ha!  The power of the written word on the internet – I love it!

I can put the UFOs away for a bit longer.  Project #3, the Alexis Bag, will be based on Simplicity 4391, an Elaine Heigl design-

I say based because I think I will have to do a little altering.  Lex liked view A, best seen in the lower left picture, the smaller green bag.  However, it does not appear to be very deep and does not have an inside pocket, so I will try to make it deeper with an inside pocket.  I am also going to make the strap myself instead of using webbing as it calls for.

For the fabric, Lex chose a couple of my personal favorites-

The body of the bag will be made from the batik and the flap will be from the swirly stuff – called “Fanciful Swirl” by Michelle Palmer for Springs Creative Products Group and dated 2011.  I’m pretty sure I got it at Jo-Ann’s.  I had only bought half a yard of it, but I think there will also be enough for an outside pocket on the back.  The batik has no markings, but I know I bought it while on vacation in Alaska several years ago- I love it! The lining will be from a piece of solid green cotton – it’s getting late and the light in here is terrible, so I can’t get a picture of it where it looks green – all the pictures look white or pale yellow.

So I’m ready to go!  I don’t think this one is going to take very long because the directions look pretty easy.  Of course, the altering may change that.  We’ll see...

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