Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Alexis Bag - pockets together

I’m starting late today.  It’s already past 7 pm.  I may not be able to do more than maybe get the zipper in the pocket.  But I have been looking forward to working on it all day, so I will do what I can.

As I was reading the directions for the pocket, it occurred to me that by putting the interfacing on the inside of the pocket, that when the pocket is folded up, when you open the zipper, you will see the interfacing.  Yet another “Doh!” moment.  And since the remnant I got for the lining was exactly enough to cut out the front and back linings sections, and the pocket with facings, I had to come up with another solution to a problem.  I chose to make a lining in the pocket of another color of green, the fabric I originally chose for the lining, it is just a more yellow-y green than the one I finally went with.  It’s okay – it will only be seen when the pocket is zipped open.  I can deal with this. 

I cut a piece of the yellow-y green to match the zippered pocket size and sewed it together at the top.  I had to fold the top over ½” for placement of the zipper, so the line I sewed won’t show.  Then I sewed the pocket to half of the zipper.

This pocket is totally unlike the other two I have done so far.  The next to be attached is an “inside pocket band” which attaches to the other side of the zipper. 

The entire thing then gets folded in half right sides together, and the sides are sewn up.  The top is left open for turning.  I also trimmed the seam allowances and zigzagged over them to make sure they were secure.

Once it was turned right side out, it looked pretty good.

I am so happy to be learning all these different ways of making pockets, but I sure do not think I would use this process in my own design.

Tomorrow will be the lining and sewing it into the bag.  This bag has so far given me more challenges than the other two, but it is for Alexis, and she has been the biggest challenge of my life, so I guess it’s only right...

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