Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Simplicity "It's So Easy" A1825 - Day One

This morning started out fun.  Harry and I were playing, and he bit my arm.  Within just one minute, I had a heck of a bruise coming up-

10 minutes later, it was pretty big.  I don’t think he will be biting again – I pretended to cry, but there was a lot of feeling behind that pretense because it hurt really bad – he got so upset, he kept saying “Sorry, Lowa” over and over and kept kissing me.

After that, he told me he was ready for a nap.  I put him in the crib with no arguments and got started on Layla’s Butterfly Bag.  Simplicity isn’t kidding when they say “It’s So Easy” – there are only 3 pattern pieces.  I had to find a piece of light colored fabric for the lining, because the butterfly material is really kind of see-through.  I found a small piece of white with tiny pink hearts all over it I think is perfect, and then for the contrasting casing and strap, I pulled out a particular favorite of mine-

I know exactly when I bought this purple stars material – summer of 2001.  I used it to decoupage onto a dresser/armoire I bought at Sam’s Club – the kind you put together and finish yourself.  First, I crackle-finished most of it and then covered the doors and a couple of the drawers with the material – we still have it-

Not a good picture, but it is in Alexis and Mike’s closet holding kids’ clothes and extra blankets, so kinda hard to get a good picture.  I still love it.  The purple material has a sparkle to it, so it is just so cool!  I originally bought just 2 yards of it, but I loved it so much I went back and bought 3 more.  The purple matches the butterflies perfectly.

I cut out the bag front and back sections and the lining pieces.  For interfacing the outside front and back, I used the ultra lightweight fusible by Pellon. 

Because the top of the bag will be covered by the strap casing, I didn’t have to worry about sewing the lining into the bag, I just sewed the outside and the lining along the sides separately.

It is here that I feel compelled to once again point out my stupidity.  I would actually classify myself as an intermediate sewer- I know enough to be dangerous.  But once again, I forgot to check my stitch length and the machine was still set on a basting stitch- last night I overcast the raw edges of a couple of pieces of fabric I want to wash.  Argh.  So I had to re-sew the side seams of both the outside and the lining.  Okay, to make matters worse, when I turned the outside over to clip some threads, this is what I found-

So I have to sit down and take this out.  I turn around to sit find my chair and this is what greeted me-

She’s annoyed that I am asking her to move.  I am thinking I may have to quit for the day.  And here I thought this was such an easy pattern I could do it in just a couple of hours.

Oh, and the mess is already starting.

I want to go back to bed.

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