Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sick kids

Happy 12-12-12 to everyone.  I did not get hardly anything accomplished today.  Harry wasn’t feeling well, and then I got a call to pick Layla up from school early because she was throwing up.  I had to rush to put clothes on Harry so we could go get her, and I found that he was having a bad case of diarrhea!  It took about 10 minutes longer to get out the door than I thought it would- all I could think of was poor Layla sitting in the nurse’s office!  This is a completely new experience for me – I only had one kid that got sick to take care of- how do people with lots of kids do it when they all get sick?  Liza – if you are out there reading this, I have new (and way more) respect for you with your three boys!  J

I did manage to fix the issue of the corner that flipped up on the outside section of the Butterfly Bag.  I put the lining inside the outside and basted them together.

That was the extent of my sewing today.  But I did get to go to Savers today, where I got several pieces of cotton fabrics really cheap- that was exciting!  Maybe tomorrow will be a sewing day....

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