Monday, December 3, 2012

Random Notions

Since Alexis hasn’t yet told me what it is she wants, I thought perhaps I would look around the sewing room to find old projects needing to be done – in the crafting world, they are referred to as UFO’s – Un-Finished Objects.  I know I have several. 

First, I stitched up a hole in the seam of a little pink fleece pillow of Layla’s where the stuffing was coming out.  

Next – sorting through a bag of zippers I have had sitting around for the past couple of years.  Mom got these at a yard sale – they were marked $0.25 each, but Mom offered $5 for the entire mess and the lady was happy to get it.  This tangle has moved with me 4 times.  Every time I need a zipper, I get so frustrated looking through them and I just wind up going out to buy a new one.  I am going to measure each one and sort by size.

These zippers were so filthy, I had to put them into lingerie bags to wash them.  I am so glad that the majority were metal – the few plastic zippers had been folded so long, they didn’t want to open/close properly at first, but I wound up only having to throw one away- it is so easy to shorten one, I can still use some that didn’t work all the way down.  There were heavy duty separating zippers, like for jackets, and there were zippers that were as short as 5” and as long as 62”.  (Wonder what I can find to do with a 62” zipper!)  I put them into plastic bags by size, and next time I need a zipper, I should be able to find one since there are over 100!

That didn’t sound like much work, but it took a great deal of time to get them washed and it’s about all I have time for today – since its Monday, I have a paper due for my class tonight I should get started on.  I have already piled up a couple of UFOs for tomorrow.  Maybe I will get some stuff cleaned out and organized sooner than I thought.

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