Thursday, December 27, 2012

Random Notions - Unexpected Projects

Okay, so you know how small projects often suck you into BIG projects?  That is just what happened today.  I found a 6’ buffet table in the garage to switch out some of the furniture in my sewing/computer room so I could make room for Layla’s sewing machine.  It is wider across than the sewing table I have my Athena on, so getting to the shelves behind it would be much harder.  Then I took a long look at the shelves and realized, they are a mess and need reorganizing.  You can see what I was dealing with-

I collect sewing/craft books and magazines, along with a couple of other things.  (I’m actually close to being a hoarder)  I had just been shoving stuff into available spaces – I had no idea what I had.  In fact, after pulling all the books down, I found I had a couple of duplicates!

I’m nowhere near done, but I am close with those white shelves!  I moved the short black one to the left out and I think I will have a spot for it elsewhere.  I look forward to more work tomorrow....


  1. Ha! I have the same exact problem with yarn and books. Us hoarders have to stick together!

    1. Chrystal, I'm so happy to hear you are a hoarder, too! :-)


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