Monday, December 17, 2012

Random Notions - a UFO

Well, after making four handbags, I thought I would move into something different, and something out of the UFO basket.  This is an interesting UFO I have had sitting for a long time- the start of a quilted wall hanging made up of pieced blocks, 5 Card Tricks blocks and 4 Snail Tails Blocks. 

I made this in 1993.  I was all set to make a couple of borders out of the four colors in the blocks, when all of a sudden I couldn’t find it.  You see, my mother has always had a habit of putting things away that she finds sitting wherever.  Back when I made this, the only place I had to work was the kitchen table, and after she saw it there for about three days in a row, she decided to put it away.  At the time, she could not remember where she put the extra material- and this was maybe a day after she put it away!  I got frustrated and put everything away.  Last year, she found the unfinished top in a box she had packed when we moved in 2009.  This year, I finally found the left over material in a tub she packed even farther back.

I’m not quite sure right at this moment how I am going to make borders, but since I have never found any leftovers of the white background, they will have to be all colored borders.  It shouldn’t take very long- it’s only 27” square at this point.  It will be nice to see it finished.

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