Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Random Notions – Merry Christmas to All!

I hope Santa has been good to everyone!  He was to us- we had a wonderful Christmas in our house- and I hope the kids won’t expect us to top it next year.  Layla was so happy to get her sewing machine, Harry got a drum set that he amazed us by sitting on the little stool and using the sticks right, and they got a trampoline in the backyard that is huge!  I got a bottle of Angel perfume, which I have wanted for years but couldn’t bring myself to pay for it! 

One of my greatest gifts today has been free time!  I finally got to make a change purse for myself, and I tried to put a pocket on the back.  I just cut a piece of material and folded it (wrong sides together) and sewed it in when I stitched up the sides of the purse.

The only problem with my pocket is I did not put a heavy interfacing inside of it – I thought having the material doubled over would be enough.  Wrong!  When I do another with a pocket, I will definitely use a bit of interfacing.  Right now, it is a bit loose, but it would be good for putting receipts into.

I put the flower material on the inside.

My online classes just ended yesterday for the 2 week holiday break – I have to keep reminding myself to not feel guilty that I am not working on schoolwork.  So when I thought I would make a couple more gifts, I didn’t feel so bad about how I was using my time. I used colors and fabrics that reminded me of certain people-

(that is a spool of thread in there to hold it open!)

A cute little “Save the Planet” version with a pretty green batik inside-

And a celestial version – probably my favorite so far-

Some pretty little stars inside-

I have two more to make and then I think I will be done with them for awhile – maybe. 

Merry Christmas!

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  1. I love these, especially the celestial one. And I'm feeling the school guilt too....


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