Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Random Notions - The Day After Christmas

Today Layla started learning how to use her machine.  I had her sewing straight lines on paper without thread and I was amazed how straight she was sewing- she is doing terrific for a 6 ½ year old!  

The machine I got for her is the Singer 1507WC- an awesome basic little machine! If you are looking for a great machine to learn on, or for general repairs and light sewing, around $80, this is the one!  When she was done with her practice stitching, I just had to play with it!  Lightweight and small, eight stitches, a 4-step button-hole feature, a super smooth sewing experience and not noisy at all- rated pretty high on Amazon.  Heck, I was super impressed with the cover they include – much better than the cheap plastic one I got with my Singer Athena!  This is so much better than the Brother I bought years ago for almost 3 times as much that had no features.  I have included a link to this machine through Amazon to the right in the ads and remember – a portion of anything I receive from your purchase through my ads goes to Dementia Research! 

The only problem with getting Layla the sewing machine is now I have to figure out where I can set her up in my tiny room already containing 2 sewing machines on tables, a computer and printer, and numerous shelves and tubs holding fabric and stuff.  I also have an old serger that I just took to a local place to get serviced that will need space once it’s home.  Dummy me, I got there and the guy took my info and got the serial number off the machine, and then says, “You have the foot control?”  Duh!  I’m so glad they aren’t far from home.

So there was no sewing for me today – I’m sad.  But I did get a couple of things done that I was hoping I would during my break from school.  Tomorrow is another day.

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  1. Aww she looks so cute, and happy with her new sewing machine


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